People Are Now Carving Pineapples For Halloween And We Are Loving The Trend

People Are Now Carving Pineapples For Halloween And We Are Loving The Trend

Move over pumpkins, carved pineapples are a thing now and they look super cute! Give this incredible trend a try!

Aloha! 2019 has given us some of the weirdest trends, sure, but this one, in particular, has ALL our attention! To spice things up this Halloween, people are now experimenting with carving and decor and making Jack-O-Lanterns out of pineapples instead of traditional orange pumpkins, how cool is that?!

Get your tropical game up this year and decorate your yard with carved pineapples for trick o' treaters this Halloween!

And, of course, the carved pineapples look incredible, everything pineapple is cool (except on pizzas) but you know what the best part about carving thems is? The fact that while you are carving, you can treat yourself to some delish fresh pineapple! With pumpkins, it just goes to waste, most of the time. 'Wow' your guests and get your pineapple Jack o' Lanterns out!



Now, just to put it out here, the trend is only catching up this year but people in tropical areas have been carving pineapples for quite some time now, mostly because of the unavailability of pumpkins and abundance of pineapples.

'But, it must be hard to carve a pineapple, right?' Nope! It is actually pretty easy! Still not convinced? Check out some Jack O' Lantern pineapples below for inspiration!

1. Pineapple in the dark



2. Tropical Halloween!



3. Mix and match your decor by carving both!



4. Get your coven to carve pineapples with you



5. Light up that smile



6. Can use these as indoor decor as well



7. 100% Instagram friendly!



8. Raw pineapples? Can carve them as well!



9. Watermelon Jack-o-Lantern!



10. Emoji pineapples!



11. Create your own Jack figures



12. Awww-dorable!


13. Just two pines, chilling around.



14. All creepy!



Love the idea but not sure how to start carving a pineapple? Check out this super easy pineapple carving tutorial below!


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