It's Official: Hilary Swank's 'P.S. I Love You' Is Getting A Sequel After 13 Years

It's Official: Hilary Swank's 'P.S. I Love You' Is Getting A Sequel After 13 Years

The hit romantic movie, P.S. I Love You, will officially get a sequel after producers Afcon Entertainment confirmed the movie rights acquisition.

When Cecilia Ahern released her romance novel P.S. I Love You in 2003, little did we anticipate the impact it'd have on millions of readers worldwide. Besides being a tear-jerker, the book became one of the most selling titles of its genre. 

And then, when it was adapted into a movie in 2007 with Gerald Butler and Hillary Swank playing the protagonists, millions of moviegoers watched the movie and came out of the cinemas weeping for Holly. The film was a break-out box office hit grossing $156.8 million on an initial budget of $30 million despite receiving a lukewarm response from critics.

A still from the movie, P.S. I Love you. Image Credits: IMDB/P.S. I Love You


The promising box office figures has encouraged Alcon Entertainment to work on a sequel and so the studio has now acquired the film rights to “Postscript,” the next-in-line book to the first novel from Cecelia Ahern. The studio will co-finance and co-produce the movie with Black Label Media.

Here's what the synopsis reads: "Seven years after her husband's death -- six since she read his final letter -- Holly Kennedy has moved on with her life. When Holly's sister asks her to tell the story of the "PS, I Love You" letters on her podcast -- to revisit the messages Gerry wrote before his death to read after his passing -- she does so reluctantly, not wanting to reopen old wounds.
But after the episode airs, people start reaching out to Holly, and they all have one thing in common: they're terminally ill and want to leave their own missives behind for loved ones. Suddenly, Holly finds herself drawn back into a world she's worked tirelessly to leave behind -- but one that leads her on another incredible, life-affirming journey."




The news of the sequel was confirmed after the company's co-founders and co-CEOs Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson announced the deal on Tuesday. “We are overjoyed to reunite with our longtime partner and trusted friend Cecelia to tell the next chapter of this story onscreen. Moving, compelling, and emotional, ‘Postscript’ is moving from start to finish and infused with a sincerity that’s impossible to ignore,” Kosove and Johnson said in a statement.

Lisa Kudrow, Hillary Swank, and Gina Gershon in a still from the movie. Image Credits: IMDB/P.S. I Love You


Since 2003, Ahern has sold over 25 million copies of the book. Besides this, her book Love, Rosie was adapted for a movie and she also co-created and produced Samantha Who? for ABC. She’s also an executive producer on the soon-to-come series “Roar,” adapted from her book of short stories.

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