Prince Harry teams up with Dr. Jane Goodall to teach kids how to save the planet

Prince Harry teams up with Dr. Jane Goodall to teach kids how to save the planet

Prince Harry hosted kids from Dr. Jane Goodall's organization Roots & Shoots to help teach how to protect the environment

Dr. Jane Goodall, the legendary scientist and conservationist, hosted a global leadership meeting for Roots and Shoots, the conservation organization she created in 1991 to empower young people to help protect the environment. The leadership meeting took place in St. George's House at Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry addressed the kids assembled for the event. A dedicated conservationist himself, the Prince addressed the gathering and met with the young people to discuss conservation issues from their hometowns.

"The good news is that young people like you don’t need to be convinced that we must urgently intervene [to help the planet]; you are actively doing this every single day, and your dedication to effecting change is outstanding," Harry said. "As my grandmother The Queen once said - ‘Sometimes the world’s problems are so big we think we can do little to help. On our own we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice, but the cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine.’"


Roots and Shoots                   


Roots & Shoots started as a way to help young people find positive ways to contribute to environmental conservation. Originally started by Dr. Goodall with just 12 students in Tanzania, the group has blossomed to 700,000 members around the globe, with participants aging in ranges from preschool to college. 

Roots & Shoots helps students get involved in environmental work by guidelines on starting their own conservation efforts, one-click information campaigns, and tools to increase student awareness. 

From the Good Morning America article: 

The students from 26 countries who are meeting Prince Harry and Goodall at Windsor Castle are all part of Roots & Shoots projects designed to address issues including climate change and global warming to animal protection, ocean pollution, unsustainable human lifestyles and conflict resolution.

"We know that [Prince Harry] is keenly involved in youth and global environmental issues and Dr. Goodall believes that his visit will inspire the participants knowing that someone of his stature is eager to learn of their efforts," the Jane Goodall Institute spokesperson said. "Those involved in Roots & Shoots are already making a vast difference in their countries to benefit the community, animals, including domestic animals and the environment we all share."

Prince Harry addresses the assembly

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