A Texas Family Was Told To Remove Their Christmas Decorations Because It's 'Too Early'

A Texas Family Was Told To Remove Their Christmas Decorations Because It's 'Too Early'

Homeowners' association sent a notice to the family asking them to take down the inflatable snowman from the front yard.

A family from Texas, eager to get started on the holiday celebrations, were shocked to find their homeowners' association instruct them to take down their snowman claiming it was too early to put up Christmas decorations.

Claudia Simonis had decorated her front yard with a large inflatable snowman, a reindeer and a Santa helicopter on November 1. Within a matter of three days, she was told to take down the decorations as it wasn't Christmas yet.

Claudia, who has two small kids and is eight months pregnant with her third child, lives in the Canyon Springs, San Antonio, according to a report by NBC News.





"I was like, 'Wow, that's a first,'" said Nick Simonis, Claudia's husband. "I just couldn’t believe it. My husband sent it to me and I said, 'Are you serious?'" said Claudia. Homeowners' association, Diamond Association Management & Consulting, argued that the first week of November was too soon to be putting up holiday celebrations and viewed the Christmas decorations in the front yard as a violation.

Without detailing much about the Homeowners' associations decoration and display rules, the letter obtained by WOAI read: Maintenance - holiday decorations need to be removed. Please remove the snowman until closer to the holiday season.

It was the inflatable snowman that bothered the Homeowners' association. The letter also states that holiday decorations should be taken down 10 days after the festival. 


"I was angry because there’s a reason why we're doing it," said Claudia. With the baby due on December 25, Claudia knows she won't be able to set up the Christmas decorations as she gets closer to her due date.

She was eager to have the decorations up early so her two sons, aged 7 and 3, didn't have to miss out on the usual celebration as she prepares for her delivery. The couple said it as rather odd to receive the notice considering they have been living there for four years now.

"I feel kind of heavy, so the earlier we can put out the decorations, the better because probably in two more weeks, I'm not going to be able to build all this. And it took us forever to put them up," said Claudia. The couple is, however, adamant about keeping them up. "If anything, we’re adding more stuff," said Claudia. 

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The couple's neighbors are backing the couple after Claudia posted the letter from the Homeowners' association. A few neighbors had also decorated their front yards but didn't receive any letter asking them to take it down.

"We always abide by the rules and regulations. So, when we see it in black and white, there's no problem. But if it's not in black and white, who's to say what's what?" said neighbor Charles Minton. 

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