Harry Potter Fans Can Now Spend Their Halloween Having Dinner At Hogwarts!

Harry Potter Fans Can Now Spend Their Halloween Having Dinner At Hogwarts!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour is hosting 'Hogwarts After Dark' for the second time this year and it is going to be a magical three-day event.

Among several iconic moments in the Harry Potter films, the ones which flaunted the intricacy and beauty of the magical Great Hall has to be one of our favorites. Whether it was Harry getting sorted into Gryffindor or Ron Weasly tucking into that chicken leg, we can hardly forget any of them. That brings us to the lavish dining experience that the wizards got to relish.

 A delicious spread of lip-smacking food and of course dessert had us all drolling for a brief moment and wondering if we would ever get a chance to sit at the same table and enjoy a feast. Well, it's about to become a reality once again this Halloween. 



Now, if you have already made plans for the spooky holiday you need to cancel them right away because Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London is now hosting the 'Hogwarts After Dark' feast for the second time. Every diehard Potter fan attending this tour would get the opportunity to savor a delectable dinner during this three-day event.


The mystifying escapade will begin on Friday, Oct. 25, 7:30 p.m. onwards and last until midnight Sunday, Oct 27. Just to nudge you in the right direction here's a brief mention of the delicacies that you can expect at this massive celebration. Prior to a two-course dinner, the guests will be offered cocktails and canapés to start off the evening, reports Cosmopolitan.


Come dinner time, you will be seated in the Great Hall, which will surely be decorated with 100 floating pumpkins, lollipop-filled cauldron, and tempting red apples that you can snack on! (Cue for happy screams.) Also, don't be surprised if you spot a few Death Eaters roaming around the set, after all, it's the Halloween weekend!


Now, for the toughest part, you will have to choose from a select number of items which also include a perfectly cooked duck placed on a bed of satiny pumpkin purée and some jiggly blood orange jelly to cut through all the fattiness or an appetizing goat's cheese ravioli. A juicy slow-cooked roast lamb will follow the previously mentioned plates of food along with either a mushroom and shallot suet pudding or a pumpkin, beetroot, and sage tarte tatin.


Dessert options will include pumpkin brûlée with a wafer-thin top and a decadent dark chocolate mousse. However, it will be served in the dark and mystic Forbidden Forest where you will get to meet the mythical creatures like Aragog and Buckbeak. Apart from the mouth-watering meal experience, it also included an after-hours studio tour for us muggles. 


 During this time, you can visit the Gryffindor common room or snoop around in Dumbledore’s office and if you're feeling a little brave you can also wander in the Diagon Alley as the darkness surrounds the area. You'll also get to meet the prop-designing department and a wand choreographer who'll teach you how to duel with a Death Eaters. The amazing evening will then conclude with a glass of Butterbeer at Backlot Café.


 While it does sound like the ideal Halloween weekend, it would definitely require you to clear your Gringotts vault—the whole experience is priced at £240 for each ticket. People above the age of 18 can attend this event, and if it's way over your budget you can always go for the usual Studio tour by paying £45. Book your tickets by simply visiting their website!


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