You Can Now Buy Giant Floating Trampolines And Have The Best Summer Of Your Life

You Can Now Buy Giant Floating Trampolines And Have The Best Summer Of Your Life

A pool floater-cum-trampoline, this water bouncer can be used by two adults at the same time, bring it on!

Planning that perfect summer getaway? Aiming for that beautiful tan? Trying to decide on which pool float to buy? Quit worrying. Pool trampolines EXIST and they are everything you need to get your summer right. A pool float, a trampoline, a tanning bed, and a prop your whole family can have fun with - we don't deserve these trampolines but definitely, NEED. Summer is almost here, start it right and get your hands on this cool AF creation by mankind and have the best summer of your lives with your friends and family!



Sold by Sam's Club and designed by WOW, the water bouncer has a 70 inches big bouncing area, ensuring unlimited fun-time. "Sounds cool, but what if I jump on it and it floats away and I fall in the water?" Worry not, the float comes with an inbuilt anchor system so you can keep your trampoline steady and safe wherever you want, create your own private island on the water which won't sail away.



It also comes with a boarding platform so people can get on it with ease. "The bouncer comes with an anchor system to keep it in place and flipper boarding platforms to make it easy for kids and adults to climb up and down on. Just like all WOW products, our bouncer was designed to withstand the environment we know it will be used in. Our heavy duty special formula PVC holds up to the hot summer sun. Take fun to a new level with the larger than life bouncer and you will be the talk of the summer," reads the product description.



"The 70-inch bounce area is great for getting some hang time or just spending some chill time on the water. As the name implies, this is a great item for kids to have fun jumping around on, but it can also be used as a private island to relax on–or a play center in the middle of your favorite body of water," it adds. Sounds something you wanna bring home? Of course, it does. Plus, the pool-trampoline comes in two awesome shapes - a green turtle and a yellow duck. Get your hands on the one you like the most for $299.98 here!



But, if you're looking for just a pool float which is big and eye catchy, there's something for you, too. Fancy a quiet, nice, and fun time at the pool or the beach? Bring home this dino pool float inspired by Jurrasic World and live out your greatest fantasy! Sold by seller Coconut Float on Amazon, the T-rex pool float is an officially licensed pool float by Jurrasic World. Priced at $39.95, the float is about 3.35 pounds and 70 inches in size. Throw this giant bad boy in the pool and do whatever you want to since there's a LOT of room on the float. While it will be kind of odd to see the colossal float shaped like a t-rex in water, you are surely guaranteed to be the eye of everybody's attention.



The t-rex float comes with tiny t-rex hands and it is the CUTEST thing ever! Plus, the float also has this evil-grin full of spikey-sharp teeth, so you know, no one will dare come near you or your terrifying pool float. When inflated, the t-rex rises to its full glory and will definitely be a major hit with your children and the kid within you. And well, everybody who has bought the t-rex float is extremely happy with it so we're guessing the dino float is legit one of the hit pool floats of this summer. Go buy yourself one before they all run out.


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