Photographer Captures The Moment A Squirrel Stops To Smell Flower In Stunning Photos

Photographer Captures The Moment A Squirrel Stops To Smell Flower In Stunning Photos

It is making our hearts melt.

It serves in our best interests when we take time to stop and smell the roses. And sometimes its good to be reminded of this as we live our lives occupied with one thing or another. Our eyes are glued to a screen while the whole world around us is waiting to be explored. It is also important to understand that happiness is found in the small things that life has to offer. The beings who truly understand what nature has to offer are animals who interact with them the most. It's not every day you get to see this appreciation in action. But thanks to this Dutch photographer, we can.



Photographer Dick van Duijn was visiting Vienna, Austria, when he managed to capture an absolutely adorable series of photos showing a ziesel, a small type of ground squirrel, carving time out of its busy schedule to smell the flowers. In the photos, the small creature can be seen gently clutching the petals of the flower with its tiny fingers. The flower stands taller than the ziesel as it pulls it down toward itself to smell it. In the final shot, the ziesel seems to be meditating on the sweet scent of the flower as it gently holds on to the stalk. These are stunning pictures that will leave you in awe at how pure it is.



“On the first day we observed them and their behavior,” Van Duijn told PetaPixel. “On the second day, we photographed them the whole day. In the evening just before sunset, when the light became soft and nice, one of the many ground squirrels walked towards the yellow flower and began to hold it and sniff it.” As a wildlife, nature, and landscape photographer, Van Duijn had always been intrigued by "these funny, curious, and these acrobatic ground squirrels" had been on his photography bucket list for a long time and on this trip, he finally got to capture them in all their adorable glory. 



“When I saw this happening in the viewfinder of my camera, I already knew I had captured a very beautiful and intimate moment,” Van Duijn stated. “I felt very happy and satisfied with the shot.” But it was not an easy feat as it seemed. It took him two hours and 200 photos to capture the picture-perfect moment, according to Insider. "There were a lot of curious squirrels, so it was hard not to photograph them," he said. "To capture one with a flower, like this, took a lot of patience and shots." When he saw the squirrel smelling the flower and planting its face in it, "I knew this was the picture of a lifetime!" Van Duijn said. 



Speaking to Fox 10 Van Dujin said, following the shots he took, the small rodent leaned in for a bite of the flower. "I was really happy after capturing a photo like this." He added, "I went to Austria especially to photograph the ground squirrels. It was great to witness this, and very satisfying." He also shot many more squirrels interacting with flowers that look just as adorable and heartwarming. 




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