People Are Wearing Jewelry Made From Their Dead Loved One's Teeth, Hair, And Bones

People Are Wearing Jewelry Made From Their Dead Loved One's Teeth, Hair, And Bones

They're doing it to keep relatives and close family members who have passed away forever in their memory.

It's a tragic moment when a loved one passes away, and the impact is felt through the entire family and circle of friends. There are many ways to remember the loss of the people who we cherished the most, and one of them has now become a positive trend of sorts. People are making jewelry from their loved one's teeth and while some may find it unsettling at first, it has generated quite a bit of popularity. Tracie Fey Ziemba from Pennsylvania specializes in this rather weird art. In a recent post on Facebook, she shared a number of pictures of different kinds of jewelry made of different sets of teeth. The premolar is then used in a ring and will replace the traditional gemstone attached to it. Incisors make for a good fit in necklaces and people were impressed with Ziemba's imagination and creativity. 




She would go on to caption her post saying: "Now you can have beautiful jewelry made, from a loved one’s teeth. What better way to remember the dearly departed.". Since she first shared the picture on July 9 of last year, the post has been shared 12,000 times, liked 1,000 times, and has over 230 comments ranging from utter shock, disgust to others calling it a "great idea" and something that is quite unique.  One user commented on Ziemba's post about how he was not at all impressed. He wrote: "People r soooo dam stupid man. World's gone nuts." While others had a more humorous take on it with one user exclaiming: "The jeweler put a lot of filling into her work."



Another person, Graham Flint tried to give Ziemba a different idea and wrote: Could make dentures into a nice necklace. Cat Woo could not believe what she just read and stated: What in the blue blazes is this 😮what’s next sweaters made from a loved ones hair how do you get the teeth ugh no just no. Another person, Nancy Allison felt disgusted with even the idea: Yucko, that's like all that gross stuff they made out of hair at the turn of the century! While Ziemba's post did a lot of prep work to make the trend popular, she wasn't the only one who had this sort of idea in mind. 



Take, for instance, Jacqui, an artist in Melbourne, Australia, who has made a career out of selling jewelry made from teeth and has even opened up her own studio specializing in the art.  The 28-year-old runs the Grave Metallum Jewellery and collects not only teeth to make her jewelry but other parts from the deceased, whether human or animal, like hair, fur, and bones, and turns them into works of art her customers can wear forever.



According to News.com.au, Jacqui stated that nothing makes her happier than helping to memorialize the dead. She has always loved crafting jewelry but used conventional items and materials for most of her life. She decided to experiment with the non-traditional stuff in her art first and the passing of her best friend triggered her to extend it to jewelry too. "Creating something elegant with the macabre was my new obsession. While dealing with the grief of my loss, my fascination with death, and how we deal with death grew," she said. 




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