This Parent's Hilarious 'Demon Baby' Photo Is Giving Twitter Users Nightmares

This Parent's Hilarious 'Demon Baby' Photo Is Giving Twitter Users Nightmares

The picture shows the baby's eyes having a bizarre glow, the kind you only see in horror movies.

As any parent is going to agree, baby monitors are an essential piece of kit when having a baby. They help us keep an eye on babies without being in the same room. But baby monitors have been one of the scariest items used in horror movies and spooky stories. But it looks like some of these horror stories are actually based on some real-life incidents. A parent bought a video baby monitor to keep an eye on their young son, but they instantly regretted their decision. 



While looking at the baby monitor to check up on their child, the last thing they expected to see was a pair of glowing eyes. Passion Pop Socialist took to Twitter and wrote, "We got a new video baby monitor, and I think that was a mistake." The picture she added of her baby would remind you of a scene straight out of a bone-chilling horror movie. The infant's eyes were absolutely glowing as if someone has lit an unholy fire. 



In fact, the image was so haunting, it quickly went viral on Twitter and everyone started joking about it, nervously. One person wrote, "I HATE EVERYONE WHO LIKED THIS BECAUSE NOW I WILL HAVE NIGHTMARES. THANK YOU." A second one added, "My wife is in a group of Mums and one of them was convinced they had a ghost in their baby's cot. Turns out, the kid's dad had forgotten to put on the mattress protector." A third user quipped, "Nobody tells you about the eyes. I have woken up to my kids glowing eyes filling the entire frame (stood up next to monitor) and in a gravely whisper, chanting โ€œpaaaaapaaaaaaโ€.



Luckily, the person who posted the image was actually amused by all the jokes and posted terrifying answers to people's queries. But like any responsible parent, they couldn't let the internet think their child was not adorable. They posted a real image of the baby and wrote, "[T]his has blown up a bit, so I thought Iโ€™d post a normal photo of my baby so yโ€™all can see how cute he isโ€. 



But people are still offering her advice on how to successfully parent a 'demon' child. Check out some of the funniest tweets below. 



















What do you think? Have you had any such experiences? Let us know! 

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