Oreo Is Releasing Special Halloween And Christmas Designs And We Cannot Wait!

Oreo Is Releasing Special Halloween And Christmas Designs And We Cannot Wait!

The Halloween-themed Oreos will be available all around the country starting form mid August and the Christmas ones will only arrive late into October.

Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy a delicious creme-filled crunchy cookie? No matter how many times we pair some Oreos with a glass of milk it never gets old. But looking at the same abstract design on the cookie itself does at times. But the food giant has addressed that too and this year they will be honoring two of our favorite holidays—Halloween and Christmas. According to Pop Sugar, Oreo is releasing 10 exciting and distinctive designs that we cannot wait to get our hands on!


Every year for these huge holidays, Oreo makes it a point to re-introduce these seasonal favorites with an impressive, new makeover. Unfortunately, they are only available for a limited period of time but hey, that's what makes it all the more special, right? After taking a look at the Halloween-specific pieces you will surely get the creeps. One might even feel that they have ended up into some cookie version of  The Nightmare Before Christmas


With spooky designs like a scary spiderweb, a wicked witch flying on her broomstick, and of the timeless jack-o'-lantern, the cookie manufacturing company is all set to give you some Halloween feels this year. Oreo will be introducing 10 new designs out of which five will theme around the scary holiday. For those of you who are unaware of the company's yearly traditions here's a quick summation. So, Orea annually introduced its orange creme-filled cookies, especially for this eerie festival. 


How perfect are these desserts for trick or treating? Instead of going through all the trouble and spending hours creating Halloween-themed desserts you can always take the easier route and decorate a plate with the predesigned cookies. A glass of milk or a scoop of ice cream would successfully make it the perfect dessert-item that you can whip up in a matter of seconds. You can, of course, do the same with the Christmas-themed ones—just maybe with a warmer beverage. 


You don't have to wait much longer to get your hands on these deliciously spooky treats as the product will be available by the middle of this month all around the country. I hope you are ready to eat some sweet spiderweb cookies! As for the winter theme, the treats will be introduced with a red-colored cream sandwiched between the regular Oreos. To make it all the more Christmasy, there will be cute designs that are sure to remind you of the cheerful holiday. 


What's Christmas without a snowman? Of course, these designs will include a smiling snowman and a cute penguin wearing a scarf. I'm sure that is enough to melt anyone's heart! Apart from the above-mentioned creations, there's also our favorite snowflake design which reminds us of the idyllic snowy Christmas we all want to experience. Now, the taste of this particular one does not differ from the other cookies, it's just the color, design, and theme that attracts everyone towards them. 


Unlike the Halloween cookies, the Christmas ones will only be available in the latter part of October, so until then all you have to do is clear up some space in your already stocked up pantry. We are all ready for some scary cookies, so bring it on! And trust me you definitely want a bite of these festive treats because what's a celebration without some familiar dessert? 


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