Octopus Attacks A Woman's Face After She Tries To Eat It Alive In Terrifying Video

Octopus Attacks A Woman's Face After She Tries To Eat It Alive In Terrifying Video

Many people are saying it's instant karma.

Trigger Warning: Graphic video

What if the hunter ends becomes the hunted? A Chinese live-streaming host, Seaside Girl Little Seven, is famous for posting clips of herself enjoying seafood, but this time, nothing went as planned. As she attempted to eat a live octopus, the animal latched onto her face and attacked her, reported Independent. What started off as fun and games turned into a nightmare as she started screaming and struggled to remove it. The sea creature wrapped its tentacles onto the side of her face.



The video, shared on popular platform Kuaishou, shows the vlogger having a pretty serious battle with the Octopus while trying to eat it alive. The animal obviously tried to defend itself by sticking to her face with its suckers. Seaside Girl Little Seven can be heard calling its suction painful as she tries to remove it. After she finally manages to pry it off her face, she realizes it has left a bloody cut on her cheek. She stares at the camera and reportedly says, "My face is disfigured" and informs her viewers that she will try some other time. 



The video of this incident quickly went viral and her name was trending on various social media platforms like Weibo and in other parts of the world. The video was uploaded on Twitter and has been viewed more than as many as 926,000 times. Many people were expressing their horror at the incident but not all of them were sympathetic towards her situation. Some even said it was 'karma' for trying to eat the animal alive. 



Eating octopus and other sea creatures alive is actually a pretty common tradition in many parts of the world like China, Japan, and Korea but it's not really a healthy habit. Octopuses are considered to pose a major choking hazard because of their suckers and it can also kill you if you don't ingest it properly. In an interview with Insider, author and nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche said, "It comes with a safety warning. It's not recommended. There's a choking hazard predominantly from the suckers getting stuck to the inside the throat, leading to the octopus causing an obstruction." 



There is documented proof that eating live Octopus can be quite deadly. Back in April 2010, a South Korean woman died after eating a live Octopus. She collapsed and stopped breathing and passed away 16 days later. Her boyfriend was charged with murder but the Supreme court overturned the conviction. Tschiesche added, "As far as the risk of food poisoning goes, octopus is not at the top of the list for seafood. It's quite low risk and perhaps this is why it is a Korean practice to eat it raw."



According to a video posted in Vice's Munchies series, it explains how chefs cook and prepare octopus so that it doesn't pose any risk to the customers. According to head chef Kim Sang Jin, you have to grab the Octopus by its head and squeeze the tentacles downwards to remove the mucus. The chef said, "Eating the live octopus is very good for your blood sugar levels. Because it contains virgin [raw] taurine."

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