Niagara Falls Lights Up In Blue And White In Show Of Solidarity With Nova Scotia

Niagara Falls Lights Up In Blue And White In Show Of Solidarity With Nova Scotia

The Niagara Parks Commission lit up the horseshoe in blue, red, and white to pay homage to the victims.

The Canadian side of the Niagara Falls shone the iconic blue and white light on April 21 to honor the victims of the tragic Nova Scotia shooting that occurred last week. Announcing the event, The Niagara Parks Commission issued a statement on Tuesday and said: "Niagara Falls stands in solidarity with the province of Nova Scotia and the entire country in mourning the individuals who lost their lives in the senseless tragedy."



The agency also put the news out to the public on Twitter in a tweet and said: "This evening Niagara Falls will be illuminated blue and white to honour the victims of the tragic incident that took place this past weekend in Nova Scotia, and to stand in solidarity with their family, friends, and fellow Nova Scotians both across Canada and across the world."



The Commission acknowledged the loss of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Constable Heidi Stevenson in particular, who was a 23-year veteran of the force killed in the line of duty. Besides this, the Toronto’s CN Tower also glowed in the colors of the Nova Scotia flag Monday evening, in a tribute to the lives lost in the Maritime province. In fact, the American side also joined in on lighting up the horseshoe white and blue from 8 p.m. to midnight in a symbol of binational support of the victims.



The tragic shooting occurred between April 18-19 and is the worst ever gun-related incident in the country, killing over 23 people and injuring further four more after Gabriel Wortman went on a 13-hour rampage, with a gun, a fake police uniform, and a replica of a cop car around Nova Scotia, shooting and setting fire to various establishments. This incident also surpasses the deadly numbers recorded in Ecole Polytechnique in 1989, which resulted in the death of 15 people. The RCMP gunned down the perpetrator, Wortman, in a gas station in Enfield.


Authorities in Canada are yet to establish a proper motive for the killings and what exactly triggered Wortman to go on a shooting rampage. At the moment, however, the incident is not being considered as an act of terrorism, and no further details on its classification will be offered until it is completely investigated, reports CTV news. Further reports have suggested that Wortman did not have a firearms license, and it is yet to be ascertained how he went about acquiring the weapons.


Meanwhile, the police have been criticized for not using Alert Ready to warn the public about the killings, and an investigation into that decision has also begun. Some of the people who reportedly passed away included a teacher, nurse, 17-year-old girl, and a retired firefighter. The incidents reportedly began with a domestic violence claim between Wortman and his girlfriend in Portapique, a beachside community 81 miles north of Halifax. He had an argument with her and he went on to attack her at his house and then lit it on fire. He then went on to the party house and opened shooting, killing seven people, according to o globalnews.


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