Netflix's 'The Perfection' Is So Disturbingly Terrifying, It's Making People Physically Sick

Netflix's 'The Perfection' Is So Disturbingly Terrifying, It's Making People Physically Sick

The latest horror thriller up on Netflix is absolutely crazy with unpredictable twists and bizarre storyline.

Netflix has done it AGAIN. The latest horror thriller up on the streaming platform is creating a major buzz on the internet and people are claiming that it is the MOST terrifying film they have seen in a while. Directed by Richard Shepard, from a screenplay by Shepard, Nicole Snyder and Eric C. Charmelo, The Perfection is absolutely bizarre with a TWISTED storyline which will make you wanna puke and probably wish to unsee some 'things' you'll see in the movie. Also, next time you see  Allison Williams holding something in her hands, RUN.



Starring Williams from Peele's Oscar-winning Get Out and Logan Browning from Dear White People, the movie initially had its world premiere last year at the Fantastic Fest in September. Netflix later bought the rights of the film and released the movie to viewers this May 24th and from the way I see it, The Perfection is already soaring up the charts of popularity and become the thing everybody is talking about.



"But, is it worth watching?" Hell yes. Every new movie which comes out these days claims to be the 'scariest' and what not and usually follows a predictable story with the usual jumpscares but THIS is different. Shepard has crafted something uniquely brilliant and it will keep you glued to your screen while you go WTF every few minutes. But, if you are squeamish and get easily nauseated, you might wanna sit this one out.



The Perfection is ambitious and tries a little too hard on the 'twists' part but hey, I'd take an original movie with a new concept any day over 'done and dusted' plots, sequels, and reboots. If you love yourself a good entertaining thriller film, go for it!

The internet is already in love with it, with some even claiming that the movie made them throw up and scarred them for life. The movie follows the lives of two talented cellists and the horror that goes around behind closed walls.



The cast of the movie talked about their experiences and THAT ending in a recent interview with EW (Warning: spoilers ahead) “Given how powerless they felt on that stage for so many years, to be back up there and take that power back while taking all of Anton’s away was the most poetic thing they could imagine,” Williams said about that ending scene.

“By rendering Anton senseless — with the exception of his mind and ability to hear — they imprison him in a way that they felt silenced for so long — and he must listen. He has no choice. They have full control.”



Browning, however, admitted that she wanted him DEAD at first, "I remember discussing and debating with Richard about whether or not Anton lives. I was adamant about the fact that I didn’t want him to live. After filming that, I wanted the satisfaction and catharsis of his life ending. Not that I agree with that in real life, but for the movie’s sake and that character’s trauma, I wanted him gone. (But) Richard thought it was important to have all of Anton’s access removed from him: We took all limbs — including what a man thinks is his most powerful limb — and only left his ears, forcing him to listen to women."



Have you watched it yet? Did you like the ending? I LOVED it! Meanwhile, check out some of the reactions on Twitter as to how people absolutely felt sick after watching "The Perfection." 








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