Netflix's 'You' Could Have Several More Seasons On Joe Goldberg, Says Showrunner

Netflix's 'You' Could Have Several More Seasons On Joe Goldberg, Says Showrunner

The thriller series that follows sociopathic stalker, Joe Goldberg, through his misadventures, has potential for many more seasons, according to Sera Gamble.

How much more creepy and scary can Joe Golberg get? This was probably the question the creator of the show, Sera Gamble, also asked herself as she set out to make the show "You".

Season two of the Netflix thriller series dropped on the streaming platform on December 26 last year and we couldn't wait to see what murderous mischief Joe would be up to in the new season. 



The season two finale left us aghast with unexpected confessions and then had us excited for what clearly was a setting for a third season. And maybe even a fourth and fifth season. It's not like there is going to be a lack of creepy stuff that Joe can't do anymore.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Gamble said, "I will say that we have a lot of stories still to tell. I am not scared at all of saying that we definitely could follow Joe for several more seasons."



Regarding her vision for the development and thought process for the show, she said, "Our fingers are crossed that we get to keep telling the story. We don't have any kind of official pickup or anything. I will say that when we originally sold the show, we very broadly described it as each season would be a new love obsession and a new world." She further explained, "Season one is Beck in New York, and season two is Love in L.A., and so we are evoking where we would like to go, which is to a much more suburban, insular world where Joe would be a complete fish out of water."



With the volatile environment of the entertainment industry in mind, she said, "There's about 10 billion TV shows and orders are shorter and there's more competition, so we never really save anything for later seasons. Our rule of thumb is always just if we have a great idea we're going to give it to you right now." Season two of "You" was a rollercoaster ride with the most unexpected twists that had us on edge.

We are at a point where we have seen Joe do a lot of horrible things on a whim and often sloppily leaving us in disbelief that he hasn't been caught yet. "Part of the fun of Joe is that he is not very good at doing bad things. He doesn't plan them well. He doesn't execute them perfectly like a mastermind." Gamble said. "And so there is always the worry that things from his past are going to catch up with him. What's great about that is it creates a landscape for the show where you do get to revisit your favorite characters moving forward."



As we wait for the law enforcement to try to catch the sociopath, you can stream the second season of "You" on Netflix right now.

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