Viewers Are Calling Netflix's Holiday Movie 'Klaus' A New Christmas Classic

Viewers Are Calling Netflix's Holiday Movie 'Klaus' A New Christmas Classic

Netflix has again gifted us with one more Christmas movie and this gorgeous animated movie tells the origin story of Santa Claus.

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, Santa Claus is preparing for his journey from the North Pole. And Netflix has also come up with one more movie as a gift for all its viewers.

Created by Sergio Pablos, who is behind the very successful Despicable Me/Minions movie, 'Klaus' tells the origin story of none other than Santa Claus. It is a gorgeous animated movie that tells a beautiful tale about the iconic Christmas character Santa Claus in an entertaining way, while also introducing brand new mythology that seems fitting to the North Pole. 



Viewers have already found the movie to be very endearing and a lot of positive reviews are flooding in.

One Twitter user said, "Yes, I loved #KlausNetflix. Yes, it made me cry my eyes out." Another person added, "Klaus on Netflix is the most ADORABLE and well animated 2D movie I've seen in SO LONG Y'ALL. I really hope everyone gives it a chance. I don't care who you think you are if you CAN watch it, you absolutely should !!!"

Meanwhile, a third person quipped, "Has anyone else seen #KlausNetflix yet? You're doing yourself a disservice, it's beautiful, the voice cast is amazing and it's breathtaking. Love love love."



As stated above, the movie deals with the lesser-known tales of Santa Claus and follows the story of Jesper, who, upon failing his postal exams gets stationed at a frozen island above the Arctic Circle and the residents of the place barely speak to each other.

Jesper grows increasingly pessimistic due to his dead-end job and is almost about to give up. But at the very last minute, he decides to meet up with the local teacher Alva and that's how he gets introduced to the mysterious carpenter Klaus. Klaus lives in a remote cabin full of handmade toys. 



Well, we won't reveal the story any further but, needless to say, the local children become fascinated with Klaus who sneaks into their village in a sled at night, leaving them presents while they sleep.






Soon enough, the carpenter gets a whole bunch of letters explaining why they deserve a toy this year. Apart from 'Despicable Me', Pablos has also worked on other Disney movies. While there is no doubt that the movie will be loved by children, it is a treat for the grownups too, especially because of the stunning visuals. 









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