Grieving Mom 'Reunites' With Her Dead Daughter In Virtual Reality Experience

Grieving Mom 'Reunites' With Her Dead Daughter In Virtual Reality Experience

A Korean documentary called I Met You is growing popular due to a segment where a mother uses VR technology to connect with her dead daughter

Technology is advancing at a pace where things we previously thought of as 'impossible' are now becoming a reality. For instance, it has been humanity's greatest desire to somehow connect with their loved ones who passed away. Though there are many supernatural and occult practices for speaking to the dead, none of them has a major backing in the world of science. However, with virtual reality, it might be possible to actually have an interaction with a deceased family member or friend.



A Korean documentary called I Met You has been receiving a lot of praise and popularity for a special segment it aired, reported Reuters. The part shows a mother reuniting with her dead daughter through virtual reality. According to the AJU Business Daily, Jang Ji-sung lost her 7-year-old daughter Nayeon to an unfortunate illness around four years ago. In light of this, the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) set to work on a project to heal the mother's ailing heart. They took eight months to produce what is now the most intense virtual reality experience possible. Using advanced technology, they successfully, re-created Nayeon's face, body, and voice as closely as possible.



It's important to note that in such a process, one still cannot physically touch the virtual version of the subject. So even though Jang Ji-sung could not literally hug her daughter, she appeared to truly cherish the entire experience. So the MBC had placed the VR set on Ji-sung's head and took her to a green room where the entire experience was filmed. What she saw through the VR lenses absolutely blew her mind... it was her daughter complete from head to toe. It was an experience like none other as Jang Ji-sung was able to interact with the VR version of her daughter. The video shows them conversing with each other, picking flowers together, taking pictures, and even taking time to celebrate Nayeon's birthday. 


In the video we can hear Nayeon saying: “Mom, where have you been? Have you been thinking of me" prompting an emotional Jang to reply: “Always.” “I really want to touch you just once,” Jang said, her voice and hands quivering. “I really missed you.” “People would often think that technology is something that’s cold. We decided to participate to see if technology can comfort and warm your heart when it is used for people,” said Lee Hyun-suk, director of the Seoul-based VIVE Studios, who led the project. “It’s heartbreaking that her time has stopped at the age of 7,” Jang said, with a faint smile. “But I was so happy to see her that way.”



Virtual Reality has certainly kicked into overdrive of late, as there were at least 230 companies, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, etc who have developed VR-related products. Do note that there is a difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, though they are two sides of the same coin. Augmented Reality attempts to simulate artificial objects in the real environment, whereas VR creates an entirely artificial environment to inhabit. 


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