You Can Now Grow Moonflower Vine, A Magical Plant That Blooms At Night

You Can Now Grow Moonflower Vine, A Magical Plant That Blooms At Night

This exquisitely fast grower fills the evening air with the sweetest of fragrances

There's nothing quite like the pleasant fragrance that flowers emit at different times of the day. While several of them are known to bloom during the day along with the sunny seasons, there are also plants that come to life best at night. Witness the gorgeous Moonflower, also known as Ipomoea alba, and its huge, white blooms that are just the embodiment of purity. They have the most alluring fragrances that aren't too strong to make you tired of it anytime soon. 



Its heart-shaped leaves are something else though, as this is one of the most sought-after vining plants. As you can gather from its name, the blooms of this effortful vine are indeed moonlike in nature. Its pale color and roughly round shape are quite evident, but the most important aspect of their bloom is that they open up during nighttime, or even on cloudy days. That's right, they add that special nocturnal touch in your garden, that only a few other flowers can match. Much like their cousins, the morning glories that bloom to the fullest during the day, even moonflowers are quite easy to grow in the right locations. 



Some fine places to grow it would be anywhere you like to spend time outdoors during the evening. This may include your front porch, or back patio, or just about anywhere you prefer in your garden. Be sure to keep in your sight though, as you will not want to miss out on their huge white flowers that appear as though they are glowing in dim lighting. If that wasn't enough, then they are accompanied by the sweetest of scents. These Moonflower vines are native to the warmer regions of the Americas. They are well known to attract and fascinate nighttime pollinators like large, green luna moths and hummingbird-like hawk moths too.



According to RealSimple, there is another plant that also goes by the name moonflower that can be confused with this vine. That plant is actually the Jimsonweed (Datura spp.) which also has large white flowers and is quite fragrant too. But the key difference to note is that this plant, unlike the moonflower, does not grow on a vine. Furthermore, it also doesn't have heart-shaped leaves, and several parts of it may be toxic to pets and people alike. 



It's not too hard to grow moonflower vines yourself. You can easily plant them in large ceramic pots that aren't worth more than $50 on Etsy all over your patio. Potted vines do have the drawback of not thriving like the in-ground vines due to having less space and soil, and its accompanying factors like nutrients. Moonflowers tend to grow well in moist soil, but may quickly wilt without a steady supply of water. Their recovery rate is fast enough though, so you don't have to worry too much. Avoid using any fertilizer with high nitrogen content as you'll end up with large green plants but fewer flowers. Lastly, it always helps to plant vines with other vines too, and they are amazing in the tropics! 


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