Millennials Are Demanding Milk In Traditional Glass Bottles To Cut Down On Plastic Waste

Millennials Are Demanding Milk In Traditional Glass Bottles To Cut Down On Plastic Waste

Looks like the good ol' days of milkmen are back, as more and more millennials are ditching the idea of plastic bottles... will it spread to all food packaging?

Well, it looks like London is taking a few daring steps back into its glorious past as milkmen and milkwomen are looking to make a traditional comeback in The Swinging City. Millennials are tired of seeing plastic everywhere and are determined that they receive their daily milk through the classic milk bottles placed at their doors each morning. 

The local dairies of the capital city have reported a "phenomenal" upsurge in interest from younger customers at the beginning of this year amid growing public upset and concern over plastic usage and waste. 



The Pan-UK company Milk&More and East-London dairy giant Parker Dairies have found a large increase in the demand for glass bottles starting from 2018. Most of their customers cite David Attenborough's Blue Planet II as the "catalyst" for this decision.

It seems that we may be slowly going back in time in several aspects considering that global warming and climate change are ready to wreak havoc on the upcoming generations. The dairy firms said that most of the change is from their younger consumers whose families seem more than willing to pay a little extra for the service rather than the plastic, in their personal efforts to help the environment. 



Paul Lough, depot manager of Parker Dairies said that their dairy, which has a fleet of 25 electric milk floats, covering all of East-London, the central city, and the West End, have gained nearly 400 new customers since the beginning of the year. The significant part about this report is that 95% of these newcomers prefer their milk delivered in glass bottles.

Lough said that “Before Christmas, we were taking 30 calls a month, and since New Year we are getting 30 calls a week. The dairy has seen a 4 percent increase in sales since December, with an extra 1800 pints being sold each week.". He has attributed this surge of interest to the "regeneration" of London's East End since the Olympics. "People are much more environmentally conscious and so they are asking if we do glass,” he added.



Milk&More, on the other hand, have confirmed that they've gained more than 2,500 new customers just in the last month. That's the equivalent of five new milk rounds. They also said that around 90% of these new customers all over England are ordering their milk in the iconic traditional glass bottles.

"In London, milk&more has added the equivalent of a whole new round", the company said. The company was bought by dairy giant Müller from Dairy Crest in 2016, and have pledged to save glass milk bottle doorstep delivery in the UK and boost the services. 



Patrick Müller, managing director of Milk&More, said: “The glass bottle is an exciting product… we think that it has a future. We believe the tradition of the milkman has some fantastic elements that are relevant now. They are a reliable presence for pre-breakfast delivery, they offer an exciting product range including locally sourced produce, and can be a part of the community. We just have to make them relevant for the modern consumer." He then affirmed that most of the new customers were around 35 years of age or younger.  Muller added: “It’s popular with families, so people that care about the local community and local produce."



While it was reported there was a 25% hike in the number of deliveries in the UK over the last two years, Dairy UK told the Standard it could not confirm the figure. Spokespersons for the industry said that these figures showed that doorstep deliveries make up 3% of milk sales in the UK - which is around 1 million pints per day. They also reported that glass milk bottles make up to 3% of all milk sales. That's a small number, but it is the lowest it has ever been in the nation's century-long history of milk consumption. 

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