McDonald's New Christmas Advert Is So Emotional That It's Making People Cry

McDonald's New Christmas Advert Is So Emotional That It's Making People Cry

It's being called one of the best advertisements of this year.

Bring out your tissues as McDonald's has released their Christmas advertisement for 2020 which is a real tearjerker, to say the least. The global fast-food chain released its Christmas advert on their UK Twitter channel one minute past midnight on November 14 with the caption, "Are you #ReindeerReady?" The fast-food giant also announced that they will be extending their partnership with the charity FareShare and will sponsor four million meals to families in need during winter till the end of the Easter holidays in 2021. The emotional video already has more than 2.2m views on Twitter and people can't stop talking about how sad it is. 



Titled 'Inner Child', the 90-second long video tells the story of a mother trying to get her teenage son Tom to get into the festive spirit by taking part in family stuff. The video starts with the excited mother coming inside her son's bedroom with a box full of Christmas decorations for the tree. During the same time, an image appears showing the inner child inside the boy being excited about the holiday but teenage Tom couldn't care less. Seeing his mom, he turns his back and continues playing his computer games. 



In the next clip, the mother-son duo visits a Christmas market, but when Tom's mother tries to make him laugh by pretending to be a reindeer, he feels embarrassed and starts walking behind her with his headphones on. During their car journey home, Tom's mother stops at McDonald's drive-thru to collect some food, along with a bag of carrots labeled as “reindeer treats". Much to our surprise, Tom sneaks them inside his pockets. 



After coming back home, it looks like Tom has had a change of heart and participates in a snowball fight with his mother. He also helps his mother decorate the tree and keeps a glass of milk and the reindeer treats for Santa. Since Tom's dad is absent, many people assumed that he has died and that's why Tom feels so morose during the holiday season. The advert ends with a message asking, "Are you reindeer ready?” Some people who have watched the video have praised it for the festive touch, while others said it's emotional and broke down while watching it. The advert chose a haunting background score of Forever Young cover by Becky Hill and all these elements have contributed to making people feel emotional. 



One person wrote, "I get this, I am #autistic never had a friend or been comfortable around people, although inside I am smiling, excited, I just don't know how to express this out loud. I game professionally, I am always on tech, it's my world, it's safe, I'm not bullied there. #bekindtoeachother." A second one added, "It is 3am here in the UK. I don't know how to reconcile my grief anymore. If only I was a better child to my mum and dad when they died my be they would still be here. I have always blamed myself for that. Even though I have been told there was nothing I could do, but this Ad." A third one quipped, "Looking deeper into the ad, I'd say there is further meaning behind it. Photo of mum, dad and tom in the hallway, and decorations on the tree for the three of them, yet dad is nowhere to be seen... maybe mum is doing the best she can after dads passing?"



McDonald's thanked people for their overwhelming response and replied, writing, "Just thought we'd pop in and say thank you for the amazing reaction to our #ReindeerReady advert. Every comment you're sending, we're reading and we're watching every reaction video. We can't respond to all of them but thank you for loving the ad as much as we do." What did you guys think of the advert? Let us know in the comments below. 

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