'Mars Attacks!' Is Reportedly Getting A Remake And Tim Burton Might Return

'Mars Attacks!' Is Reportedly Getting A Remake And Tim Burton Might Return

The 1995 movie about Martians attacking the Earth who come to the planet under peaceful pretenses was a critical success despite faring badly at the box office.

The 2010s have started a trend of remakes and spin-offs, where big studios are revamping popular franchises and one-offs under their banner with, more often than not, a brand new production team. We've seen this happen with the all-female reboots such as Ocean's 8 and Ghostbusters among others while there have also franchises like the Amazing Spiderman series and the Fantastic Four reboots to name some of the popular ones.



If a report from We Got It Covered is anything to go by, we may well get to see the remake of Tim Burton's 1996 comedy-science movie, Mars Attacks! in the near future, with the legendary director expected to return in the hot seat once again. Well, at least if Warnes Bros. get their way given the fact that Burton has never been the one to work on sequels. The report further points out that the new movie, if it arrives, will be a "modern-day remake" of the original and that the major studio is very keen to do more with this property. There are, however, no further details available on any further developments linked to the project beyond this at the moment.

This news comes just after Walmart dropped a commercial during the Super Bowl featuring many aliens and sci-fi characters from the cinematic world, and one among them were the Martians from Mars Attacks! Following this brief appearance, fans have been taking to social media to talk about the movie.

Pierce Brosnan, Jack Nicholson, and Rod Steiger in a still from the movie. Image Credits: Imdb/Mars Attacks!


Mars Attacks! was based on a screenplay written by Jonathan Gems,  which was in turn based on the cult playing cards from the same era. The movie had an ensemble cast with who's who of the industry associated with the project and starred Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Fox, Annette Bening, and Natalie Portman among others. It was produced by Tim Burton Productions and Warner Bros. and was made on a $70 million budget. However, it only managed to gross a little over $101 million and was considered a box-office failure.

Jack Nicholson and Glenn Close in a still from the movie. Image Credits: IMDB/Mars Attacks!


Going by the paltry numbers, you would wonder why Warner Bros. is even considering remaking this movie at all. But, given how little information there is to go by, we can also assume that the project might never pick up off the ground.

The We Got It Covered report also touches upon the projects Burton could be working on after rumors that he is associated in the making of Beetlejuice 2, which is supposedly in its development stages and also the remake of A Nightmare Before Christmas for Disney. Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed so far. 

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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