You Can Spend The Night At The Haunted Lizzie Borden House For Your Spooky Getaway

You Can Spend The Night At The Haunted Lizzie Borden House For Your Spooky Getaway

The bed and breakfast museum is situated on the infamous site where two homicides took place on the night of August 1892.

Horror enthusiasts will know that the story of Lizzie Borden is a sad and harrowing one. The tale still lives through her home, which now has been transformed into a bed and breakfast and museum in Fall River, Massachusetts. The house is an infamous site where two homicides took place on the night of August 1892, where Andrew Borden and his wife Abby Borden were found brutally murdered in the own home with their skull bashed in by a hatchet. It has been more than 120 years that the murders took place and the house is still regarded as one of the most haunted sites in America. 


Their youngest daughter Lizzie was the main murder suspect in the case since she was the one who found the dead bodies of her parents. Apart from that, Lizzie was rumored to have killed her own father and stepmother because of emotional reasons. During her trial, Lizzie was acquitted of all crimes. The Borden house has now been transformed into a Bed and Breakfast Inn which is open to the public all year round.


The entire crime scene inside the house has been recreated and the memorabilia from the fateful night can be purchased from the stores by visitors. The room where Lizzie stayed, along with her father and stepmotherā€™s room is available to rent if you think you are brave enough to spend the entire night. Or alternatively, you could just rent the entire house and bring some friends along for the company if flying solo gives you the chills. Just a prior warning; the house is said to be filled with ghosts and spirits. The house also conducts tours of the property. The day tours last about an hour, but the night tours often continue till late at night and include much more access to this alleged haunted house. Sue Vickery, a museum worker, and a tour guide told NBC 10 News, "The night tour is so much longer than the day tour." 


She added, "At night, we walk you through, room to room, and we give you the history, and then we talk about any paranormal happenings in the house." Even though Lizzie was the prime suspect of the double homicide, the authorities failed to prove her guilt and she was ultimately acquitted despite authorities finding several weapons from the basement of the home that included a hatchet-head with a broken handle. 


Enthusiasts are always eager to hear about ghost stories and paranormal happenings that take place inside the house. The tour guide has revealed that something spooky has happened to each of them and she has found no explanation for it. Vickery added, "When I'm the night tour guide, I usually tell my own experiences. I have lots of pictures and recordings on my cell phone that I'll play throughout the different rooms for the guests."


But the question still persists? Who haunts the house? Since the murders happened, Lizzie and the other suspects have died. Lizzie passed away after suffering from pneumonia in 1927. Vickery added, "I'm fascinated with the history of the case -- and I'm also fascinated with the paranormal, so to be able to do both at once in the home is pretty awesome for me. I just love it."  


Authorities have also said that Andrew was killed at approximately 11 a.m. and Abby was killed around an hour and a half before. The forensic experts also said that Andrew received 10-11 blows to his head while Lizzie's stepmother was hit on her head a staggering 19 times. Andrew's body was found on the sofa whereas Abby was found in the upstairs guestroom. Vickery added, "If you're into history, there's nothing like being in the house and hearing the stories told in the rooms that it took place in. You get more of a sense of what might have been going on and which doors were locked and how close people were exactly to the events going on that morning."


The tickets are priced ar $20/person and the night tours usually last around two and a half hours. For more information, visit Lizzie-Borden.com

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