Bearded Christian Lady Who Feared She'll Be Single Forever Ends Up Marrying A Satanist

Bearded Christian Lady Who Feared She'll Be Single Forever Ends Up Marrying A Satanist

In a Satanist-Christian happy wedding, the couple was blessed by both a Christian pastor and a member of Satanic Temple.

Just when 36-year-old Little Bear Schwarz thought she will be forever alone and never find a partner because of her beard, she met 45-year-old Tobias Bradick and it was a match made in both heaven and hell. Bear, a Christian, and Tobias, a Satanist, met online through a group and decided to get married in a Christian-Satanist wedding. A classical singer by profession, Bear feared that because of her facial hair, she will end up being single all her life but everything changed when she met Bradick.



According to her profile on IMDB, Bear has been suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome since she was 14 years old. The condition is not uncommon among women and causes unnatural hair growth, weight gain, and fertility issues. Bear dated before but all of her relationships fell apart until she met Tobias in 2017 and the couple started dating when she posted a message saying she will be forever single and he asked her out.



"I was worried that I'd never be able to find a person who could see past my beard. So I wrote a post on Facebook and then an hour later I got a message from Tobias saying that he hoped it didn't come across as too opportunistic, but he would love to take me out," Bear shared her story on Facebook. The two fell in love and tied the knot in the presence of their loved ones where a Christian pastor and a member of Satanic Temple both blessed them.



"Tobias is a Satanist whereas I am a Christian, which might sound like we are at odds with one another. But really, we have the same ethical codes – we just express them through different means," Bear added saying that they both respect each other's individuality. Not only that, but they are also polyamorous. "In the same way that you can love several of your children or friends, Tobias and I believe that you can be in love with multiple partners."



"But that doesn't at all detract from the love I feel for him. Really, he's the first man that I have felt totally comfortable with, who loves me for the person I am – beard and all," she said further. Bear has excessive hair growth on her chin, upper lip, and chest. She used to shave them off when she was young, like all other women who suffer with PCOS do, but later she decided to embrace her flaws and gave up removing them.



And, Bear rose to fame because of her bravery and the way she expressed herself. She made a TV appearance in Blunt Talk and has a major fan following. She also won a local competition for bearded ladies called Whiskerinas but still, she was unsure if anybody would ever love her for the person she was.

"For me, it's difficult to find someone, as they have to be really confident and proud to be with me, because, inevitably, they will be known as the person who goes out with a bearded lady. On the other hand, though, I've always been wary of people who fetishize my beard, as I want someone to like me for who I am – not just a specific feature." We're glad that Bear has finally found the man of her dreams and we wish them all the happiness!


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