'Knives Out' 2 & 3 Are Officially Releasing On Netflix, Here's What We Know

'Knives Out' 2 & 3 Are Officially Releasing On Netflix, Here's What We Know

The two sequels will premiere on the streaming platform after Netflix closed a deal for the movies from writer-director Rian Johnson.

Knives Out was one of the best movies released in recent years, which was quite notable as several major productions were canceled or postponed. The mystery thriller stars Daniel Craig as the heroic Detective Benoit Blanc who is called in to help investigate the strange death of a crime fiction writer (played by Christopher Plummer). The movie had a fine ensemble cast including Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, and several more established stars, Screenrant reports. 



It performed very well at the box office, garnering over $300 million on a $40 million budget. Most of the reviews praised the show's ingenuity, witty realism, and gripping plot. Either way, it was not too surprising to note that Johnson himself confirmed that he was working on Knives Out 2. We don't know much about this sequel so far, though Johnson did state that it will definitely bring back Craig's Detective Blanc for another epic mystery adventure. According to him, the sequel is going to be in the same theme as Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. 



According to Variety, streaming giant Netflix has closed a deal to release both Knives Out 2, and another sequel Knives Out 3. The streaming platform has paid $450 million for both of Johnson's upcoming features. Furthermore, we find that the director and Craig are all set to collaborate with each other on both the sequels. It is quite unclear as to who else may star in Knives Out 2, or Knives Out 3. Pre-production is well underway and filming is expected to start this summer on the first sequel. 



A few might say that they are dejected that Knives Out 2 and 3 will go to Netflix. Despite the outcast of the traditional theatrical model, mostly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it might just prove to be the same experience. Knives Out was a great success when you look at its budget and judging by its style, it couldn't have been more than a mid-range movie when you compare it to a blockbuster production. The change of theatrical landscape has been a challenge that filmmakers have to now seek to overcome. 



To give us a sneak peek, or rather an update of the current situation, Jamie Lee Curtis took to Instagram. She wrote: "To clear up any rumors, the Thromby family is in family counseling and the therapist suggested they stay away from Benoit Blanc in the future. Linda was fine as she kicked her loafer wearing prick of a husband, sorry @donjohnson to the curb. The rest of them are hustling. Ransom is apparently in the knitting sweater business, a new skill he picked up in the slammer. Joni has some vaginal scented bath bomb, Walt is self-publishing his memoir. NONE of us will be joining Mr. Blanc in Greece. As the family spokesperson, we wish the filmmakers all our best in their new venture." 


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