You Can Take An Underground Kayak Tour And Explore The Gorgeous Caves Of Kentucky

You Can Take An Underground Kayak Tour And Explore The Gorgeous Caves Of Kentucky

From cave tours to hikes, the Bluegrass State is known for accommodating all your unique adventure cravings.

Now that the COVID-19 vaccines have begun rolling out, you can finally go out and explore some new places that will wash away all the glum in your life. We would recommend that you kick start your adventure in Kentucky, where there are countless options to explore the outdoor world. From cave tours to hikes, the Bluegrass State is known for accommodating all your unique cravings for an adventure. But there's one particular activity that you just have to experience at least once in your lifetime. It is a crystal clear kayak tour. As bizarre as this sounds, a traveling adventure company called SUP Kentucky is offering to take you on this magical ride.


The company takes locals and visitors throughout the state to explore aboard a stand-up paddleboard. While most of these outings are held during the warmer months at locations like Grayson Lake, their cavern tours are organized throughout the year. Now the cavern glow tours take place in Red River Gorge and are absolutely unique. It checks all the boxes for a memorable adventure, (obviously, the good kind) and the best part is that it is suitable for every level, even for beginners. You could either go on a stand-up paddleboard or choose a hybrid board to fully enjoy while exploring the caverns underneath the Gorge. 


Here's where the crystal clear kayaks come into play. SUP Kentucky is also offering you to board a clear kayak which probably is unlike any other experience in the adventurous state. You can choose from a single or tandem kayak and feel almost magical while wading through the water which is clearly visible underneath. It would almost feel like you're floating on the water while remaining absolutely dry, I mean could it get any better? Turns out it can! The cave water is flooded with LED lights making it seem like a scene straight out of the movie Life of Pi.


The temperature of the cave remains in the 50s consistently, according to a website, thus making it available for tours even during winters. From ages 8 and above people can get on their own kayak and explore the guided tour. Thankfully, it is also available for children aged 3-7, but accompanied with an adult. It's rare for anyone to fall into the water so don't worry about that. Moreover, the guides will provide all the necessary items required for you to stay afloat. All you really need to do is get yourself at that place and dress appropriately.


Now, if you're not sure about Cavern Glow Tour at the Gorge Underground, there are many other tours that this place offers at Cumberland Falls and Grayson Lake. "Check out cascading waterfalls (above ground and below!), discover the secret cove at Grayson Grotto or catch a glimpse of the rare moonbow on an evening excursion to Cumberland Falls," reads the description of its Facebook page. "All tours are beginner-friendly –– no prior knowledge required." You might want to book your tickets ahead of time since they tend to sell out quickly. 


Note: Please make sure that you take proper precautions and follow social distancing measures before you embark on your journey. You could also keep these options in mind when you're traveling at a later date once all this is over.

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