Joaquin Phoenix Wins Best Actor At Oscars 2020 For 'Joker' And Deservedly So

Joaquin Phoenix Wins Best Actor At Oscars 2020 For 'Joker' And Deservedly So

During his speech, Joaquin spoke for the 'voiceless', pleading for animal rights and even paid a touching tribute to his late brother River Phoenix.

Just about the time Joker released, we all knew Joaquin Phoenix had delivered a performance that will truly go down in DC history as one of the greatest. Playing the iconic villain after Heath Ledger (Sorry, Jared) was always a tough task for any actor, however, Joaquin played the character so beautifully, there was hardly any doubt that he was going to rake up the awards this year. The Oscars 2020 Best Actor nominations had pitted Joaquin against the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio (Once upon a time... in Hollywood), Adam Driver (Marriage Story), Jonathan Pryce (The Two Popes), and Antonio Banderas (Pain and Glory).



However, it was Joaquin who emerged victorious after that unbelievable portrayal of Joker. Not only was it one of Joaquin's best performances but the movie in itself was also widely appreciated for beautifully capturing the dark side of society.

Apart from Oscars, Joaquin comes on the back of winning both the BAFTA and last week's Golden Globes for Joker. The movie laughed all the way to the box office worldwide and looks like Joaquin Phoenix is also on his way when it comes to collecting the awards. 



Heath Ledger was the first person to win the Oscar award for playing the Joker character. He had won the award posthumously for his role in "The Dark Knight" in 2009. Joaquin winning the prestigious award also marks the second time two actors have won Oscars for playing the same character.

Although Joaquin was the favorite among the other nominees, most fans were also keen on looking forward to what he would have to say in his speech. And of course, the Joker star took the stage to touch upon some really important issues and speak for the 'voiceless'. 

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"We're talking about the fight against injustice." he was quoted as saying by CNN. "We're talking about the fight against the belief that one nation, one people, one race, one gender or one species has the right to dominate, control and use and exploit another with impunity."

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He also spoke about how everyone should be given a chance to be better. "I've been a scoundrel in my life. I've been selfish. I've been cruel at times, hard to work with, and I'm grateful that so many of you in this room have given me a second chance," he added. "And I think that's when we're at our best -- when we support each other. Not when we cancel each other out for past mistakes, but when we help each other to grow when we educate each other when we guide each other towards redemption. That is the best of humanity."



And to end it in the most touching way possible, Joaquin remembered River Phoenix and quoted a lyric written by his late brother when he was 17 years old: "Run into the rescue with love and peace will follow."




Congratulations, Joaquin. Truly deserved. 

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