Jason Voorhees Returns To Manhattan With An Important Message In New Video

Jason Voorhees Returns To Manhattan With An Important Message In New Video

Our favorite horror icon is back and this time he is spreading awareness about the importance of masks.

It has been a long time since Jason Voorhees came to Manhattan. During these perilous times of the pandemic, one key thing that everyone should do while going outside is to wear a mask. But, as we all have seen in real life and on social media, there is a large number of people who are just not getting the fact that wearing masks will actually save lives. In these trying times, Jason Voorhees has made a comeback and is now encouraging and educating people about the importance of wearing masks, reported All Hallows Geek


In this hilarious new PSA, the iconic slasher villain from the Friday the 13th franchise reminds everyone of the importance of wearing a mask during the pandemic, which is any day scarier than any horror movies we have watched previously. The PSA is created by Ogilvy health and the Chimney Group and they are hoping to use the power of pop culture icons to spread the message of just how important wearing a mask is right now. 



This message is also meant for younger people as they think they are invincible when it comes to coronavirus. The PSA sees Voorhees wandering around the streets and subways of NY in search of connection, but sadly his bloody past gets in his way. Every time he tries to approach someone, they run away from him. He eventually puts on a mask over his mask for safety. Nothing changes but at least he is being safe. 



This unique PSA will connect well with horror fans and cat lovers alike. Yes, in the video Jason has a cat and the message he tries to send is a good one. I guess if it’s good enough for a slightly bearded Jason Voorhees then it’s good enough for us. The only thing odd about the video is that they mentioned Jason used a chainsaw. The chainsaw has been used in slasher movies but it was used by Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 



People on Twitter also agreed with Jason about wearing a mask. One person wrote, "We should all listen to Jason." A second one added, "Don’t be d*ck. Be like Jason. Wear a mask." Another user wrote, "Public service announcement from undying mass murderer, Jason Voorhees. What better spokesperson for public health?" 



In case you are wondering what Jason's fellow slashing friend Michael Myers thinks about wearing a mask then you guys should know that he has tweeted out a response saying "If I have worn a mask to stalk Laurie since 1978, then you can wear a mask to go to the store." It feels really good to see this solidarity between these two killers. Honestly, if Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers can be responsible killers while wearing a mask, that's the least we guys can do too. 

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