This School Is Using Realistic Synthetic Frogs So Students Don't Have To Dissect Real Ones

This School Is Using Realistic Synthetic Frogs So Students Don't Have To Dissect Real Ones

A company has managed to replicate frogs with such accuracy that students will no longer have to use real frogs in biology class.

This story contains graphic images of hyper-realistic dissected synthetic frogs. 

If you have always dreaded biology classes because you had to cut up and look at the insides of a poor frog that was killed for your benefit, you'll be happy to know that this no longer needs to happen. All thanks to the efforts of SynDaver, who have managed to replicate the anatomy of a frog with such precision that studentw no longer have to use real ones. Biology classes can now be humane and not as traumatizing as it would be.



J. W. Mitchell High School, in Florida, was the first school in the world to be using this new technology. The students used a 100 of these synthetic frogs, known as SynFrog, for dissection in their biology class last week. In a statement, the company says that this new technology is expected to be embraced by schools nationwide.


The SynFrog has a very realistic looking synthetic skeleton, muscles, skin, and organs, including a reproductive system with eggs. It mimics the visual as well as the texture of a live frog.  Dr. Christopher Sakezles, founder and CEO of SynDaver said, "This makes it more like a live frog than the preserved specimens currently sold to schools for dissection labs. SynFrog not only looks and feels like a real frog, it’s physically safer to dissect than a real preserved frog because it doesn’t contain potentially harmful chemicals like formalin." 


Dr. Sakezles also commends Pasco County Schools who have agreed to include the SynFrog as part of their schooling. Kurt Browning, Pasco County Superintendent of Schools said, "The Pasco County School District is committed to being a leader in innovation and opportunity for students, so we are excited to announce that Mitchell High School is the first in the world to use SynFrogs in science labs, giving our students a learning experience no other students have ever had." 



This product has been funded by PETA who partnered with SynDaver last year to develop the product. PETA has been vocal about the harm inflicted upon the frog population as schools use over three million frogs annually for dissection. “We’re proud to have found a partner in SynDaver to bring this revolutionary new educational tool to life, replacing the outdated use of once-living frogs forever,” said Shalin G. Gala, PETA’s vice president of International Laboratory Methods. “We look forward to schools around the world adopting this state-of-the-art technology that will not only save millions of frogs, but is a far more effective and safer teaching tool.” 


SynDaver is the leading manufacturer of hyper-realistic synthetic human and animal models that aim to replace real bodies for medical training and education through surgical simulation. They manufacture hyper-realistic human bodies as well as that of canines and felines.

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