You Can Now Buy A 'Human Mouth' Coin Purse, And It Looks Insanely CREEPY

You Can Now Buy A 'Human Mouth' Coin Purse, And It Looks Insanely CREEPY

The purse is so heavily detailed with facial hair and teeth, it looks terrifyingly real and the internet is freaking out.

Yes, this is not a drill. An artist has taken 'put your money where your mouth is' a little TOO seriously and created a purse which has caught the world in terror. Presenting to you, the human mouth coin purse, which is so SO heavily detailed that it looks like a real man's mouth.

It has realistic facial hair and lips and in order to insert a coin, you have to touch the man's lips with your fingers and separate them open. And, when you do so, the human flesh like mouth opens, giving you room to keep your coins safe, behind his very REAL teeth.



Created by a Japanese DJ and music producer who goes by the name Doooo, the coin purse is making people uncomfortable and creating a major buzz on the internet. Doooo shared a video of his latest creation on Twitter and his post has gone absolutely viral. It took him about two months to create this bizarre accessory and when asked what he used to create the monstrosity, he said it is a 'secret.'



In the video, the man depicts how one can operate and use the purse, by opening its 'mouth' and popping coins in, which looks exactly as if he is inserting coins in a real human's mouth and it is making people throw up in discomfort. 'that coin purse that looks like a human chin / mouth is so HECKING CREEPY NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE,' tweeted a person. 'I’ve seen that human mouth coin purse tweet far too many times and every time, it makes me feel like puking. So that’s nice,' added another.



While most are freaking out, some weirdos, myself included, want to actually buy the abomination in order to freak others around. And well, name a better accessory to carry around on Halloween, I'll wait! But still, there's no denying the questions of 'how' and 'why' anyone would make THAT. Mind you, this isn't the first time the artist has broken the internet. Earlier, for his first album cover, he used a human flesh covered MPC2000XL, which I believe he created himself.



And, after that, was the extremely realistic looking human finger...for you know...stamping purposes. Again, the finger was as heavily detailed as a real person's finger and it seriously crept people out. While Doooo is currently just hyping up his products and not selling them, you can get "human fingers" on Etsy for just $13.

As far as the mouth is concerned, guess we all will just have to wait till the coin purse goes up for sale and judging by how much people are willing to get their hands on it, I believe it will be out soon!






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