You Can Now Shop With The Dead At This Terrifying Interactive Horror Supermarket

You Can Now Shop With The Dead At This Terrifying Interactive Horror Supermarket

With a crew of 120 people and 30 actors ready to jump out of the dark, just to scare the living daylights out of you, this interactive haunted basement is what nightmares are made of.

Halloween is only 117 days away and in case you are already planning your must-visit spooky bucket list for the year, here is someplace you absolutely need to go! With horror being a trending business, haunted houses are ten a penny these days but if you are looking to try out something new, the Haunted Basement awaits you.

Filling up a dead retail space with actual death and disease, the 'basement' located at the Rosedale Center mall in Minnesota is what nightmares are made of.



Designed to simply scare the living daylights out of people, Haunted Basement is put together by 120 crew members and 30 actors ready to jump out of the dark.

'We packed up our angsty teenage backpacks, slammed the door, and went to Rosedale Center! Continuing our tradition of bringing you the most unusual, creative and talented maker’s Minnesota has to offer, our new home in the old Herberger’s location at Rosedale Center gives so much more space and so many more goodies to find! Our biggest fair to date, come see what treasures await and see the new Haunted Basement space before we cover it in blood, all with extended hours!' reads Haunted Basement's website.



What can you expect? Well, everything creepy. 'Since 2005 we have been terrifying the Twin Cities with absurdist psychological horror. This is an adults-only (18+) haunted experience. Before inching downstairs, you must sign a waiver and present valid ID. Prepare yourself for immersive theater, created by a community of avant-garde artists and horrible creeps who will…touch you...The Haunted Basement is a basement, it's deliciously moist. Expect strong smells, physical contact, and projectile liquids. You may get very messy, you may have to crawl, and you may find yourself in a confined space with something horrible.'



If you and your lover are horror fans, team Haunted Basement believes the place can serve as the perfect date spot but it also advises to not dress too fancy. 'The Haunted Basement is a great place to take a date. However, it is a bad idea to show up in nice clothes. They will get dirty. Make sure your shoes are closed toed. Don't wear heels.'

The terrifying event for the year will begin this October 5th to make Halloween season scarier. You can get tickets for as low as $25.



Also, since the Haunted Basement has recently moved to the mall i.e. an even BIGGER space, they are looking for actors! 'We are seeking a diverse company of performers with a host of different skills and backgrounds. Experience in performance art and immersive theatre is highly desirable, but not ultimately necessary. Performers of color, femme/non-binary, and those that are part of the disability community are encouraged to audition. You must be over 18 to act with us.' The auditions will begin on September 26th and run till November 2nd.



Or, if you are not THAT into interactive horror houses but still love spooky things, you can opt for something lighter but equally fun! A Tim Burton themed bar called Beetle House exists and it is exactly what the name suggests - a paradise for horror lovers.

Based in New York, the bar serves food inspired by Tim Burton movie characters, plays songs from his movies and also features actual actors who come dressed EXACTLY like Jack, Sally, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeny Todd, Beetlejuice - the list goes on! Learn more about the bar here.


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