People Are Now Accusing Hilary Duff Of Child Abuse For Piercing 8-Month-Old Daughter’s Ears

People Are Now Accusing Hilary Duff Of Child Abuse For Piercing 8-Month-Old Daughter’s Ears

The Lizzie McGuire fame Hilary Duff has become the centre of a major controversy after sharing a picture of her 8-month-old daughter with pierced ears.

Is piercing your child's body without their consent a form of child abuse? A LARGE number of people believe it is! The issue has always been debatable and created major controversy and looks like the next celebrity who is making headlines because of the same is none other than our own beloved Lizzie McGuire.

The 31-year-old who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last year is getting brutally mom shamed by people online after she shared a picture of her daughter with pierced ears.



'Now she may have a headache for the rest of her life. :( There are many acupuncture points. She is still growing. I got earrings at the age of 7 and have had migraines ever since. This is something that every child should choose from a certain age. Should yes give people who do not want to have earrings,' commented a person on Hilary's post. 'Just wondering how she gave you consent to pierce her ears? Unfollowing,' added another.



In the black and white picture, you can see Banks with her momma, giggling away. They both look happy and healthy and some people are actually backing Hilary up, saying that even they got their ears pierced when they were really young.

'Bunch of snowflakes on this post!!! Baby is fine and ear piercing is so far from abuse! But hey, lets promote mom shaming and online bullying from all the keyboard warriors. Go find something else to do. It does not effect your life, MOVE ON,' reads one of the positive comments. 'Wow this was so common when you all were kids, chances are your momma did the same to you. It’s not child abuse. Get over yourselves' added one more.



On a Reddit thread called 'unpopular opinions', a user pointed out how getting your child's ears is abusive and totally unnecessary and why people should stop this practice which has pretty much become a useless tradition.

"Your baby isn't a f*cking fashion accessory. Your baby doesn't give a shit about an ear piercing. You're getting your babies ears pierced for your own selfish needs. Not for the babies," FlamingBaconCake wrote.



And, all others in the Reddit community agreed that it needs to stop. 'Man, I work at Claire’s and I pretty much agree with this, we pierce babies as young as 8 weeks old, I think your child should at least be 4-5 and have conscious awareness of the decision before it just happens, it’s their body so it should be their choice, we get so many migraine inducing screaming baby’s and toddlers who just barely know what’s going on,' a user commented on the thread among hundreds of others.



In fact, the issue has become so debatable that several petitioners in the UK and US are trying to ban the practice of piercing babies altogether. People have asked the government to set the minimum age requirement needed in order to get a kid pierced so that excited parents don't end up getting it done too early.

Still, no official legal action has been taken on the issue regardless of the outrage and piercing a child or not remains to be firmly a parental prerogative.


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