It's Official: Original Michael Myers Nick Castle Is Returning For Sequel 'Halloween Kills'

It's Official: Original Michael Myers Nick Castle Is Returning For Sequel 'Halloween Kills'

The whole original squad of 'Halloween' — John Carpenter, Nick Castle, and Jamie Lee Curtis, is coming back for another hit and we can't keep calm!

Okay, first things first — until God himself comes down to earth and makes an official statement about Michael's death, just know that there's no killing the boogeyman with the darkest eyes, especially when he's minting so much money. The last Halloween movie released in 2018 which served as a direct sequel to the original, 40 years later, was a HUGE hit and undoubtedly one of the biggest films of the year. It cashed in more than all the other TEN Halloween movies combined so well, obviously, we are getting another sequel.



Blumhouse, the producers of literally every good horror movie out there, including Halloween 2018, have picked up the franchise again and officially announced not one but TWO sequels! Halloween Kills, which will be released on October 2020 and Halloween Ends on October 2021. As the name suggests, Halloween Ends will serve as a conclusion to the neverending Michael Myers VS Laurie Strode saga.



According to BloodyDisgusting, David Gordon Green who helmed Halloween 2018 is returning to direct and the master of Halloween John Carpenter is involved in the project too. Laurie Strode aka scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to resume her role and we have just learned that Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers, is coming back to haunt the streets on all hallows eve once again.



You can't kill the boogeyman. Just heard the news. I'm coming back, Castle tweeted. He also added that his stunt double will be joining him in the upcoming sequels as well, "I'll be returning but, you know Big Game James still got the torch! More later." Nick and Jamie returning for the movie doesn't really come as a surprise as both of them previously revealed that if Gordon Green returns to direct and Carpenter is on board, they will love to be back.



"I'd love to do it. I mean, it would probably still have to be in the same kind of parameters," Castle previously told ComicBook. "I don't see myself at two in the morning putting on the mask and getting a chair thrown at me like poor James Jude Courtney had to do. I would love to do that, assuming it's something that John's involved with and hopefully that Jamie and hopefully [director] David [Gordon Green] is gonna be a part of the sequel, too, 'cause he really did a great job, I think, on reimagining and figuring out what to with it."



Ever since Halloween 2018 was released, Jason Blum has been teasing another sequel to the movie and he recently also tweeted a picture of him with Jamie Lee, making fans believe that something was sure cooking up! Michael's reign of terror has been going strong since the last 40 years and has grossed over $620 million across the world, making the Halloween franchise one of the most successful ones and it looks like there's no stopping the boogeyman after all.



Scott Teems, who penned down Firestarter has been signed to make another Michael Myers movie. Teems has previously worked on movie adaptations of Stephen King novels for Blumhouse and will now contribute to Gordon Green's superhit Halloween. McBride, Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernie are on board too. Will you be checking the sequels out?


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