You Can Now Get Mini Grinch-Inspired Christmas Trees That Can Grow Up To 30 Feet

You Can Now Get Mini Grinch-Inspired Christmas Trees That Can Grow Up To 30 Feet

Celebrate Christmas like Grinch with a little slouch. These adorable Christmas trees and ornaments are perfect to kick start your holiday season!

The holiday season is upon us and many of us can already hear the bells ringing! It is the happiest holiday of the year and if your love for Christmas knows no bounds, we have some news that will broaden your smile.




As reported by POPSUGAR, Trader Joe's Grinch-Inspired Christmas trees might just be the absolute best gift you have come across. The details about these Cypress Christmas Trees are nothing short of thrilling!


These specialized Christmas trees bare a striking resemblance with the Grinch itself. Owing to the dislike he has for the holiday, he slouches over to either side. Similarly, these Grinch-inspired trees are designed to slouch with the weight of the ribbon wrapped around it to hold it together. 


But, if you don't want your precious Christmas tree to have a slouch, then you can always remove the weighted bauble and replace it with your own mini plant decorations. It is a native Cypress tree from California and it is known to retain its perfect conical shape even when it's 30ft tall!


If you have a garden, it will fit right in with the rest of your landscape. The Grumpy Christmas Tree is not expensive at all. Subject to the size you pick, you will not spend more than $8 - $9. When thinking of Christmas trees, it is imperative that we consider ornaments and there are some really adorable ones available. 


If you live in a small space and don't want to cram it further by getting a Christmas tree, then you can always try out these mini ornaments. They are perfect houseplants and will bring that Christmas Vibe in your home without even getting a tree!



The key attraction is that you don't even have to buy anything extra since the set comes with a star and a string of tinsel. These absolutely gorgeous ornaments hang perfectly on the easy-care plants such as snake plants, cacti, and succulents. They are not priced too high as you can get these ornaments for just $9. So are you getting ready to update your shopping list yet? Let us know in the comments. 

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