You Can Now Gift A Bouquet Of Baby Back Ribs For Your Loved One On Valentine's Day

You Can Now Gift A Bouquet Of Baby Back Ribs For Your Loved One On Valentine's Day

Boston Market is now offering an alternative to flower and chocolates and this bouquet of baby back ribs trumps any gift you can come up with on Valentine's Day.

When we think about Valentine's Day, we generally think about red roses and chocolates. But isn't it going to be so much better when you get a bouquet made out of baby back ribs instead? Boston Market has done exactly that. They have come up with a bouquet of ribs which is equally delicious and funny. Dubbed as BAE-by Back Ribs, it looks like this bouquet is an amazing way to celebrate the season of love. 



The limited-edition bouquet consists of 12 Baby Back Ribs and its a new innovation that has been invented in the menu a few weeks back. It is available all across the country, and they will be available until February 14 for $29.99 until stocks last. Chef Tony Fialho, director of culinary innovation at Boston Market, said in a press release, "We just launched Baby Back Ribs a few weeks ago and our guests are loving them!"



He added, "On their own, our Baby Back Ribs are sure to delight barbecue enthusiasts everywhere, but when packaged in a delectable bouquet, they’re the picture-perfect Valentine’s Day gift to help anyone delight — and feed — that special someone.” 



Since this bouquet of ribs is only available till February 14,  you don’t even have to shop in advance! All you need to do is show up, get it, and surprise your valentine. On February 14, you can get two half orders of ribs, two sides per person, and two pieces of cornbread for $20 with the coupon that is listed on the company's website.



While we are on the topic of edible bouquets, you can also give this chicken nugget bouquet a try. Nothing says 'I Love You' like a bouquet of chicken nuggets. Flowers are great but whoever decided to put a bunch of chicken nuggets on a stick, bunch them together, wrap them in a bow is an absolute genius. In order to make this bouquet, all you need to do is find out what kind of chicken nuggets your beloved likes. 


Then, order for two dozen of chicken nuggets, get the preferred number of wooden sticks and build a bundle. Once you have a full bouquet, wrap the outside with cellophane, and complete with a bow. In case you want to make the bouquet even fancier, you can use french fries to just top it off. 

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