You Can Now Visit This Serial Killer-Themed Hotel For A Spooky Valentine's Day

You Can Now Visit This Serial Killer-Themed Hotel For A Spooky Valentine's Day

If you visit The Black Monarch Hotel in Victor, Colorado you will get to see a room named after HH Holmes, who was America’s first serial killer.

If you love all things spooky, then why don't you and your better half check into the legendary The Black Monarch Hotel in Colorado for Valentine's. Rest assured, it's not for the faint-hearted, and nothing says romance like a good old scare! According to Travel+Leisure, "The building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who died in a gunfight. Ever since people have reported seeing unexplained things and in recent years, guests claim to have woken up to hear women laughing and men shouting only to learn that they were in the hotel alone."

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The hotel could easily rival The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, where Stephen King took his inspiration from forThe Shining.  Formerly a brothel, saloon, and casino during the Gold-rush era, this hotel was purchased and renovated by Adam Zimmerli in 2018 reports The Guardian.    



Constructed over a century ago in 1899, the hotel was still in very good condition when he bought it. Zimmerli embraced the building’s reputation of being haunted by spirits of the past with many who have stayed at the hotel have reported seeing a woman looking out from one of the hotel’s windows. According to a Refinery29, Zimmerli spoke about his own experience. "I was sleeping here by myself one time late at night and there was a lot of activity, movement, and sounds. There was one night in particular that I woke up in the middle of the night and it sounded like someone was walking around the building so clearly," he said.



The 10,000-square-feet hotel is located in the small town of Victor, which was once a gold mining town. It was the second-largest gold mining district in the United States. It was once home to 18,000 residents living in the town in 1989, but post the gold rush, it almost turned into a ghost town. The latest census in 2017 shows there are just around 415 people now. The hotel has a total of four rooms, each named after a figure from history. One of these is named after America’s first known serial killer, H. H. Holmes. Then there is another room named after a Hungarian countess named, Elizabeth Báthory. She is believed to have tortured and killed more than 600 girls. Thereafter. she used their blood with the hope that it would make her more youthful.



The third room is named after a bogeyman well-known in English folklore called Black Annis. Probably the sanest historic figure to be associated with the hotel is Nikola Tesla after which a room is named. It is also believed the electrical engineer did the wiring of the hotel but there is no way of being too sure about this. "The self-proclaimed ‘horror hotel’ is packed with curiosities, taxidermy, oddities, and trinkets, giving alternative travelers myriad strange sights to explore," the hotel's press release says according to Travel+Leisure. It cost $90 per night to stay in these rooms, so pack your bags, and have yourself a very spooky Valentine!

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