Amazon Is Now Selling Mini Halloween Trees And It's Perfect For Your Home Decor

Amazon Is Now Selling Mini Halloween Trees And It's Perfect For Your Home Decor

Seems like the perfect Halloween decor.

Despite the pandemic, Halloween fans are already gearing up for the spooky holiday. While they may not be able to partake in the ritual custom of trick-or-treating and attending parties this year, they can still celebrate the ghoulish occasion by decking up their homes in the creepiest fashion possible. And what better way to do this by shopping for some really cool Halloween decor.



To really set yourself apart, you've got to check out this cool looking decor in the form of a vintage-inspired Halloween tree. According to Better Homes & Gardens, the craft brand, Michaels, came out with a black ceramic Halloween tree as part of their 2019 Halloween collection⁠ last year, and it flew off the online shelves in a matter of weeks. Owing to its popularity, it was promptly restocked, and yet again it was a bonafide hit, selling out once again.  



The 14" Black Ceramic Halloween Tree with Bulbs retails at $60. Its description reads: Your favorite vintage Christmas decoration just got a Halloween makeover! This ceramic tree with LED lights by Mr. Halloween is a seasonal favorite with its vintage style and old-fashioned charm. You'll love the nostalgic look that this adapter operated tree brings to your home. Display it on your mantel, buffet, counter, tabletop or windowsill. Wherever you put it, it's sure to capture the spirit of the season. This glossy black ceramic tree comes with removable orange pumpkins and purple traditional bulbs that can be secured on using the enclosed plastic tube fitters, making it easy to create your own unique light pattern. Finished off with a glowing jack-o'lantern topper.



However, while they may not be available at Michaels at the moment, there is a spot of good news. It turns out that Amazon has something eerily similar. They have in stock the RJ Legend 15-Inch Halloween Decorations Ceramic Tree. This black ceramic tree is covered in more than 35 purple and orange LED lights with an adorable jack-o’-lantern tree topper. The highly durable ceramic has an orange "Trick Or Treat" message at the base, and is hand-painted with a special glossy finish  You can light up your space using three AA batteries and even pre-program it to light up whenever you require, and voila you are ready for the spooky season!  



The only conspicuous difference between the trees is that the base of the Michaels tree is solid black and Amazon has an orange base with a message. Amazon's version has over 150 5-star reviews, which is always a good sign! Customer crystal noted: Cute little tree for someone who is living in a relatively small apartment and does not have too much space. The only thing I would have liked better would be the light that goes underneath the tree to be a little bit brighter. Daisy added: Omg! This is such a cute little vintage tree. The shiny ceramic and colorful beads light up my room and it’s awesome. Star topper is a nice touch too~ I love the cool smooth feel of ceramic on the body. All parts came with. Bulb is to be clipped to the hole. Tip: Got to make sure to not push the bulb all the way inside or it’s stuck. Pretty simple. Great quality though!



So, what are you waiting for? Go on, and grab one before it's too late!

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