George Michael Quietly Donated To Multiple Charities Even Years After His Death

George Michael Quietly Donated To Multiple Charities Even Years After His Death

Many charities have noted donations from George Michael's estate every year even after he passed away in 2016.

It's been three years since George Michael passed away on Christmas day due to heart failure at the age of 53. His life was always a part of tabloids that discussed his personal life in excruciating detail but it was only after his death that stories of his generosity started making headlines. 



After his death, accounts of his donation to various charities started surfacing online. Turns out, he had been donating millions but the public did not even know about it. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)  stated that they received a surprise donation again from George Michael's estate much after his death.

A source at the organization told the Mirror “Out of the blue, George has made a considerable donation to Childline. It is hugely appreciated.”



He was secretly aiding the Macmillan Cancer Support and Terrence Higgins Trust. He had been donating the royalties from his duet with Elton John from 1991 from the song "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" to Terrence Higgins Trust and the proceeds from the song "Jesus to a Child" to Childline. 

Project Angel Food which was created in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic also continues to receive huge donations from Michael's estate. NPR reported that he even recorded a charity album in 1993 for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the AIDS-fighting organization founded in Freddie Mercury's honor.

"Everyone's got really pissed off listening to celebrities patting each other on the back saying how generous they are being," he said in an interview to MTV. "And they are right to. The reason I am doing this interview is to support the Phoenix Trust. It's very important these tracks get heard."



Michael is also well-known for performing at charity concerts and he even held a free concert for nurses saying he wanted to thank those who had cared for his late mother, reported the BBC. He performed a range of songs from his 25-year singing career at this concert.

"The nurses that helped my family at that time were incredible people, and I realized just how undervalued these amazing people are," he wrote on his website. He was also a part of the original star-studded Band-Aid charity recording of "Do They Know It's Christmas?"



George Michael has even co-founded the Goss-Michael Foundation with his partner Kenny Goss dedicated to contributing to Dallas’ thriving artistic community as well as help emerging British artists. He is also known to be in support of the N Worcestershire Bereavement Trust. 



Other accounts of his generosity were published online from people who had directly experienced his kindness.

A woman wrote that he donated thousands of dollars to a stranger who was crying about her debt and in another situation paid for a TV contestant's IVF treatment. 


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