'Gargoyles' Could Get A Revival If Fans Keep Binging Series On Disney+, Says Creator

'Gargoyles' Could Get A Revival If Fans Keep Binging Series On Disney+, Says Creator

Series creator Greg Weisman said that his other series Young Justice managed to make a comeback because of the fans. Can we get 'Gargoyles' back as well?

The launch of Disney+ was a much-anticipated affair but it was not really a surprising one. But, we might have one surprise in store. It's about the series created by Greg Weisman.

Recently, Weisman recently took to Twitter to announce that 'Gargoyles' is available on Disney+. In a conversation with Inverse, Weisman said, "I’m thrilled Gargoyles is available on Disney+. Thrilled that fans — old and new — can see or be exposed to the series and thrilled that this represents at least a chance of getting Gargoyles back. Hence the #KeepBingingGargoyles campaign.”






He also said that his other series Young Justice managed to make a comeback, mainly because of the fans. Now, it seems like his series 'Gargoyles' could also be making a comeback. It is a cult millennial series that aired for 78 episodes from 1994-1997 and it followed the story of a clan of 10th-century living gargoyles which is being led by Goliath who defends mankind. 




The Gargoyles are cursed into a deep sleep after they are betrayed by the Scottish crown and somehow wake up in present-day Manhattan. They pair up with the NYPD detective, Elisa and they learn about how the modern world works while they keep defending it from the various threats.



'Gargoyles' was a huge stand-out series and was all set to compete with other kids’ TV juggernauts like Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The show was canceled by Disney after it ran for just three seasons, but the show was popular because of its dark themes, complex story arcs, and Shakespearean themes.



Back in 2009, IGN ranked the show number 45 in a list of the best 100 animated shows. A fan convention called Gathering of the Gargoyles happened in New York, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The show was released on DVD in 2004 but the complete collection was not available for years.

The second season was split in half. The first part was released in 2005 and the second part was released in 2013. The third season never released on DVD. 



The entire show is now available on Disney+ to watch and also it is also available in its original format. Similar to 'Frozen' and 'Star Wars', this is a huge deal for the grown-up audience who grew up watching it on weekday afternoons.

The news was made official by Disney+ Twitter account. Back in 2016, Weisman said, "Netflix keeps track of the views a show gets. If all the fans binge-watch on an ongoing basis — they can turn it on and go do the laundry, I don’t care — that registers for Netflix. Netflix says, ‘Our subscribers like Young Justice, maybe we should do more.’ It also registers for Warner Bros.”

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