You Can Now Get LEGO's 'Friends' Themed Collection And Build Your Own Central Perk

You Can Now Get LEGO's 'Friends' Themed Collection And Build Your Own Central Perk

The 25th anniversary of the beloved sitcom 'Friends' is going to celebrate with an exclusive 'Central Perk' LEGO set that will be available from September 1st.

We just can't get enough of 'Friends'! This '90s and early '00s sensation have fans from all over the world coming back for more. Whether there are exclusive interviews, merchandise or even silly rumors, 'Friends' and its cast are always welcome in the limelight. As the sitcom reaches a milestone 25th anniversary since its inception, LEGO has decided to launch a 'Central Perk' set with the show's iconic characters (Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey) into everyone's favorite toy blocks. 


LEGO made the announcement on Thursday that they intend to recreate even the famous orange couch in the fictional 'Central Perk' cafe, along with the mini-figures of all the show's main characters of course. With this 'Central Perk' set, builders can also recreate the stage where Phoebe performs her cult-classic 'Smelly Cats' (among other songs). The set is also going to include a brick-built coffee machine, cookie jars, a menu of the cafe, and even two TV studio light rigs. Looks like we've got our very own 'Friends' episode on our hands!

Now it's just up to our imagination and memory to create some fine lines and scenes for ourselves. The nostalgia will truly waft over many of the show's longtime fans here as the 1000-brick Lego set is going to be one of the more definitive collections of merchandise that are made in honor of the show's 25th anniversary. 



The mini-figures of the main characters aren't plain and simple by any means. They come with their own items in accordance with the show's plot. That is to say, Ross comes with a brick-built keyboard, Rachel has her tray and coffee cup from her waitressing days, Monica and Joey being the squad's main food lovers come with a Muffin and Pizza box respectively. The sarcastic Chandler gets his laptop and Phoebe has her guitar.


One thing that's immediately noticeable about the set is the remarkable resemblance of the main characters from the show and their Lego mini-figures. Usually, mini-figures have a tendency to only be suggestive and not bear anything close to a complete resemblance, but taking a better look at these renditions of Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and the rest tells a different story. The descriptions are spot-on, from every tiny detail, be it a character's hair, dress or subtle features. 



Oh, wait! We forgot to mention another character who's part of the set.. Gunther! Yes, the comical Central Perk manager who just can't get over his crush on Rachel is also a part of the Lego set. 


The 'Central Perk' set will be available for purchase in Lego stores starting from the 1st of September. You can also purchase it online through their website. It has been revealed that each set will go at a price of $59.99. LEGO aren't the only ones who are doing something special for the show's Silver Jubilee. Hot Topic has announced a new line of 'Friends' apparel and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have their very own 'Central Perk Coffe & Tea'. Also, this isn't the first time that LEGO has made a rendition of a major pop-culture icon or classic. They recently made a 'Stranger Things' set which they called 'The Upside Down' back in June. They also have exclusive sets for Harry Potter, Star Wars and Jurassic Park. 


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