You Can Now Visit 'Friday The 13th' Museum And It's Treat For Horror Fans

You Can Now Visit 'Friday The 13th' Museum And It's Treat For Horror Fans

'Friday The 13th' is one of the biggest slasher movie franchises out there and you can now visit a tour and museum dedicated to the horror film.

New Jersey is known for its rich cinematic history that started from the very beginning of the entertainment industry. Back in the day, the Garden State was known as the film capital of the world and Hollywood was known as the sleepy farm town filled with orange groves.

At the very center, there was Fort Lee and West Orange, Edison’s Black Maria studio acted as a production unit and the striking Palisades Cliffs were perfect for exuding the scenic beauty. 


Over the course of many years, several movies have been filmed in New Jersey and it boasts some movies such as Goodfellas, The Godfather Part III, When Harry Met Sally, and War of the Worlds.

But, one of the movies that were shot here has had a very long-lasting impact on the audience and that is none other than 'Friday the 13th'. This movie depicts the spine-chilling tale of Jason Voorhees and it has also inspired multiple spin-offs and sequels. 


This slasher movie from the 1980s tells the story about a vengeful serial killer who preys on teenage counselors at Camp Crystal Lake. The movie was actually filmed at New Jersey's Camp NoBeBoSco.



The camp is actually a private Boy Scout Camp and is closed for the public except for the safety of the campers. Although there are tours conducted through the non-profit Crystal Lake Tours and they are rated very highly. Participants need to enter a ticket lottery and all the tickets are in pretty strong demand. 



These tours are put together by Blairstown Museum and they make stops at various locations in Blairstown, Hope, and Hardwick. While you are on the tour, you might recognize Roy's Hall and the Blairstown Diner, as well as much of Main Street in Blairstown. In fact, it is so rich in Friday the 13th that they also offer the movie-themed weddings and Jason Fest. As reported by Onlyinyourstate.

But that's not all. It has been a while since they have been conducting the tours and now they have grown into a full-fledged museum. It is located right across from the Blairstown Museum and boasts a collection of Friday the 13th film costumes and props, signed memorabilia, and souvenirs.

If you plan on going, the museum is open every Friday and Saturday. Tickets are priced at $3 and it sounds like an amazing deal. The museum offers both permanent and rotating collections which shows the fascinating history of the town. It sounds like a perfect trip during Halloween, on any Friday the 13th, or even through the year. 

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