The Deluxe Elvira Funko Pop Will Be At Hot Topic This September And We Can't Wait!

The Deluxe Elvira Funko Pop Will Be At Hot Topic This September And We Can't Wait!

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, mde the announcement on her Instagram account about a new Elvira Pop, which is everything!

Here's some good news for Funko Pop collectors! The popular 80's show host Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, announced her latest pop figure. The Hot Topic exclusive Pop! will be displaying the eerily beautiful host dressed in her iconic black gown. Lounging on her signature red sofa, which was often seen on the set of Elvira's Movie Macabre, the pop will feature her exactly as she was. Posting the news of her latest launch, actress Cassandra Peterson posted an update on her Instagram and Facebook account. 


Peterson mentioned how this pop will be available in Hot Topic's stores next month. Informing the same she wrote on Instagram: Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag... er... the Mistress is out of the box?? Here’s your first look at the new Deluxe ELVIRA @originalfunko Pop! Coming to @hottopic stores this September! Avid fans would be flocking to the stores to purchase this hot new version in their collection. Elvira's Movie Macabre was a show which aired B—grade horror films and in the due course, the host Elvira used to interrupt the scary ordeal and provide her own comments. 


Initially, the late Larry Vincent used to host the weekend horror show called Fright Night and after his death, producers decided to revive it once again but this time they chose to have a woman as the host. After the hired actress Maila Nurmi quit The Vampire Show, they selected Peterson among 200 other applicants and gave her the opportunity to devise a role which would perfectly embody the spirit of horror. That's when the deceivingly charming character of Elvira was created. She was the perfect embodiment of horror and sexy. 


Most of you would remember her for her quick-witted Valley girl-like features. Well, she did remind us a little of Morticia Addams with her black gown and accentuated cheekbones. And how can forget her iconic beehive-like black wig? The way she reclined on her Victorian-themed couch is exactly the moment this pop has captured.


She would often provide a satirical and sarcastic edge to her perfectly executed lines. Sometimes a little comedy was also thrown in into the mix. However, amidst several memorable moments was the one where she bid her viewers adieu. It was scarily dramatic and mesmerizing at the same time. Elvira would always wish her audience "Unpleasant dreams" before ending the show. How spooky is that? I wonder why they stopped doing the same for the horror shows that we have today! 


Hearing about the deluxe vinyl figure, people could not helo but reveal their excitement on the star's Instagram account. @omgzitsbatmanda wrote: GASP!! I NEED HER 😍💖  Another user @sweetheartleone mentioned how she would be getting this for her office. Some tagged their friends and requested them to buy it for them. @gil_monroe wrote: In case u wanted to buy me something for Xmas or a just because gift. 😉🎃 (tagged friend). Another user tagged their friend informing them about this amazing news. The post read:@vampirecircus23 as I was scrolling through my feed and saw this, I had to go back to see if it was she or you that posted. I see this in your future...

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