'Don't Look Under The Bed' Turns 21 And Still Remains The Scariest Disney Movie Ever

'Don't Look Under The Bed' Turns 21 And Still Remains The Scariest Disney Movie Ever

The movie surprisingly dealt with adult themes like facing your fears, growing up, and death

When you think of Disney, horror flicks don't exactly spring to mind. Yet, that being said, Disney has had a handful of horror content. One of the most terrifying movies that aired on Disney Channel's Original Movies was Don't Look Under The Bed. If you grew up in the '90s, you would remember being scared out of your wits and some of the scenes have been etched in your memory forever. Thanks to it's content, the film was one of the rare ones to get a PG-rating. Thus, it was not surprising, that the channel eventually stopped airing the film because parents complained that it was too much for their children to handle, reports Bloody Disgusting. You know you're old now because Don't Look Under The Bed is now 21 years old. It released on October 9, 1999.  




Two decades later, this iconic film is still known for tackling themes like the bogeyman and others. Set in a small town of Middleberg, a number of strange pranks has left its residents on high alert. We see alarm clocks going off hours before they should, dogs ending up on the roofs of people's homes, and the school's swimming pool filled with gelatin. All the evidence is pointed towards a teenage girl named Frances Bacon McCausland (Erin Chambers) and is considered to be the mastermind behind these pranks. But with the help of her imaginary friend called Larry Houdini (Eric “Ty” Hodges II, Even Stevens), she realizes that she is being framed by a boogeyman (Steve Valentine, Crossing Jordan) who is out to get her for some reason. 




While the plot is fairly straightforward, and doesn't exactly scream horror. But it's the recurring theme of something scary that's about to happen is what makes the difference. The porcelain dolls that seemingly come to life when no one is looking is bound to terrify you, espically moreso as a kid. But it's when Larry who we've grown to like changes his appearance into the boogeyman with his really sharp teeth, long, gnarly fingernails, and glowing purple eyes that really give you the heebie jeebies. The creep-level blows the roof when he crawls across the floor.  




It turns out that the boogeyman was actually much scarier in the early stages. "In the early concept drawings, it was really dark and [had] quills sticking out," Director Keith Johnson told Entertainment Weekly. "It was nightmarish." Finally, Johnson decided he didn’t want the boogeyman to be too dark. "I said, 'Why don’t we take him more Victorian and let’s have his dialogue be limerick-like and make it a little bit lighter.'" He added: "There were a number of meetings where we’d talked about the tone and what [Disney] wanted it to be — scary but not too scary. That’s the bar we kept trying to find. Everybody thought we had hit it until they started getting derogatory mail after it aired." 



Between the spooky atmosphere, and boogeyman appearance, it's surprising to know that the film dealt with mature grown up themes that included, death, growing up and facing your own fears. 

Don’t Look Under the Bed has come to Disney+ among other spooky movies on its streaming service, so it's time for a new generation to be terrified.

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