In Pennsylvania, You Can Now Be Jailed For Leaving Your Dog Out In Extreme Weather

In Pennsylvania, You Can Now Be Jailed For Leaving Your Dog Out In Extreme Weather

The Libre's Law is a law that explicitly punishes dog owners who abuse or neglect their dog's safety with up to a 7 year sentence.

Dogs are a man's best friend for a reason - they cheer you up when you're down, never get mad at you, and are always, always there for you irrespective of how they're treated. Yet some barbaric people don't have the basic courtesy to return just a small percentage of that favor, by taking good care of them, and not letting them suffer in extreme hot or cold weather. And now, a law in Pennsylvania called Libre's law,  which outlaws owners leaving dogs outside the house for more than 30 minutes if the temperature is under 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) or over 90 degrees F (32.2 degrees Celsius).


Bored Panda recently did an interview the Todd Stephens, a Pennsylvania House of Representatives member, who was the key cog in a machine that introduced this landmark animal cruelty bill. Speaking during the interview, Rep. Stephens said: "With felony-level punishments, the overall animal abuse laws now have the teeth necessary to allow law enforcement to better protect our animals in Pennsylvania." The representative from Montgomery Country in Pennsylvania continued: "I know law enforcement has used the law repeatedly to intervene when animals have been left outside in unsafe conditions."


Speaking on how some people don't possess the common sense to what is necessary to keep dogs safe and the subsequent need to bring a law to enforce the same, the Republican said: "Unfortunately, people often don’t recognize the harm that can come from leaving their pets outside in the elements. The goal of the law was to raise awareness to prevent animals from extended exposure to extreme weather conditions." When asked if there were any specific ways in which the law could be improved, Rep. Stephens said: "We need to provide sheltering standards. Too often people are providing inadequate structures for their animals when outside and we should provide standards for pet owners to follow."


Libre's Law, which has been heralded as a great step towards pet safety by animal lovers, has a sad and dark history behind the name involving a Boston Terrier which barely escaped from the jaws of death due to the owner's negligence. According to The Dodo: Libre was found emaciated and barely surviving in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on July 4. He was housed on a farm where he was under a breeder's "care" and was left outside in harsh conditions for days and looked extremely weak for its age.  "At just 7 weeks old, his skin was plagued with a severe case of demodectic mange - a condition that left him hairless and crusty - along with a slew of secondary infections," The Dodo's report said. "There were ulcers in his eyes and, according to the rescue, maggots embedded deep in his flesh. His chances of survival looked slim."


Thankfully, the little pupper was found by a concerned woman who sent his photo to a rescue group. The breeder who "cared" for Libre surrendered the pup and upon a veterinarian's instruction, the woman later moved it into the care of Speranza Animal Rescue.


As per the law, those who leave dogs in cold or hot temperatures for more than half an hour can be jailed for up to 90 days with $750 dollars in fines to be levied on them. In case of those intentionally harming or abusing their pets a 7-year sentence in prison and a fine of up to $15k will be levied.


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