This Terrifying Live-Action 'Friday The 13th' Game Pits You Against Jason Voorhees

This Terrifying Live-Action 'Friday The 13th' Game Pits You Against Jason Voorhees

In the game, you can team up with 8 people to take Jason down or if you're brave enough, you can go solo.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were to face the terrifying villain from Friday the 13th?  Would you run or face him head-on? If you think you have the cajones to do so, here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is. There is now a live-action Friday the 13 escape game to test your grit and mettle. Survive Jason is an interactive escape room where you can go in solo and face the iconic hockey-masked character yourself, or if you need back-up, enlist your gang of friends and spend a night at a campground in Arizona where you try and survive Jason together.  



In order to make it out alive, you will have to solve puzzles and crack codes while trying to run from Jason. If you win, you will get some amazing prizes! Last year, the camp was a huge hit. They are soon coming out with new dates and time slots and a little patience will go a long way! You can check for updates here.  The description on Facebook reads: Slasher Camp is a horror fan’s dream - or nightmare. After watching the series, the question inevitably arises: if I was in this situation, could I survive Jason, or Freddy, or Angela? We all like to think we can. Avoid the horror movie tropes. Run instead of walk. Don’t investigate that sound in the dark. I decided to put that to the test.



The creation of this game is to let people have the experience of testing their mettle against one of the baddest slashers in the genre. In a safe, real-world scenario, players get to step into Camp Blood and attempt to escape from an unstoppable, unkillable force. If you win, you deserve a prize! If you get caught, well... you’re just another slasher victim. Hopefully, your death is memorable. With a fantastic team working to set up, create, and execute, we hope that everyone who participates has the same thrill that we get. We started with one villain. We are expanding to explore more of the horror-verse to satiate our players’ desire to confront more than one camper-killing slasher. As we go forward, we will offer a more immersive experience as well.



Naturally, the game is restricted to adults-only. Tickets are typically priced at $25 per person. In the game, you can team up with 8 people to take Jason down or if you're too brave, you can go solo. The ticket includes a free meal and you and your friends get to have a nice campfire dinner before the escape game starts, reports Narcity. Also, the Camp mentioned in the event isn't the real Camp Crystal Lake but a reenactment. The real one is very strict when it comes to opening to public but it does open occasionally, for a very limited lucky set of people. 


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