One Million Moms Are Boycotting 'Toy Story 4' Over A Lesbian Scene And Calling Disney Out

One Million Moms Are Boycotting 'Toy Story 4' Over A Lesbian Scene And Calling Disney Out

There's a scene in the movie where you can see a lesbian couple for a brief moment and Christians are accusing Disney of 'pushing an unnecessary agenda.'

Looks like another controversy has found its way to the recently released Pixar movie Toy Story 4. A group of VERY angry Christian mothers is calling out Disney and accusing the company of secretly promoting 'unnecessary agenda'. The conservative moms are upset that there was a 'lesbian' scene in the movie, a children's movie, for no reason.

The scene was of no significance. In fact, you can see an interracial couple twice in the movie but it is so brief, that you will only notice it if you are simply watching the movie to find something you can be offended about.



On Bonnie's first day of kindergarten, you can see a lesbian couple dropping their kid off with love. And, in another scene, the same couple comes back to receive their child and the Christian mothers are having a hard time getting over it and are calling for a boycott of the movie.

In fact, the famous anti-LGBTQ group, which is a part of American Family Association, is running an online petition telling Disney that they do not appreciate LGBTQ content in kids' movies and it must be stopped.



'WARNING! Toy Story 4 has just hit cinemas, but one thing we did not expect to see was LGBTQ characters. No matter how insignificant to the overall story they were, Disney still felt it was necessary to include them. At the start of the movie, when Woody’s new owner Bonnie goes for her first day of kindergarten, in the background there is a quick scene where one child is dropped off by two moms. Later, the moms return to pick up their child who gives them a hug. The scene is subtle in order to to desensitize children. But it is obvious that the child has two mothers, and they are parenting together,' reads the petition.

'1MM agrees it was a noticeably small scene with the sole purpose of attempting to normalize this lifestyle...which is exactly why 1MM finds this to be so dangerous. It has not been mentioned much in mainstream media, which could appear as acceptance when really it was because it happened so fast. But the scene was included and intentionally not announced prior to the movie release in hopes it would be kept quiet to expose as many children as possible. So many families probably plan on seeing this movie if they haven’t already and will be blindsided by this subtle but obvious promotion of the LGBTQ lifestyle. Not to mention there was a brief comment made about not hiding in a closet also in the movie. Some children may not catch this reference, but it was extremely unnecessary as with the lesbian couple. Both were brief and didn’t need to be included since it didn’t add to the story plot at all. These “blink and you will miss” moments were included strictly to push an agenda,' it adds.

The group is also claiming that Disney has been trying to be more politically correct rather than focusing on the entertainment part. According to them, parents trust Disney and their movies and let their children watch them but lately, the movies have become a platform to address controversial topics which shouldn't be exposed to young children.

Do you agree? In case you do and you too feel 'blindsided' by the fact that Disney just slipped some LGBTQ+ scenes in the movie without informing anyone about it, attempting to normalize same-sex couples, you can sign the petition here yourself.







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