Loving Dad Transforms Daughter's Wheelchair Into A Magical Cinderella Carriage For Halloween

Loving Dad Transforms Daughter's Wheelchair Into A Magical Cinderella Carriage For Halloween

Ava wanted to be a princess for Halloween and her dad did everything in his power to make it a reality

It has almost been a week since Halloween ended but there are certain inspiring stories that are a mere testament to why we absolutely love our favorite holiday. And one such story emerged from Scotland where a dad celebrated Halloween with his daughter in the most magical way one can possibly imagine.  

Ava is a six-year-old with Aicardi syndrome, a genetic disorder that afflicts females exclusively. This disorder is known to cause seizures and eyesight complications, according to Genetics Home Reference




All Ava wanted was to be a princess for Halloween and her dad went all out to make that dream a reality. Josh Jaconelli, Ava's father, transformed her wheelchair into a Cinderella-themed carriage after laboring for two days, with some help from his family. 


This doting father from Glasgow, Scotland told CTV News Channel that he used plumbing pipes to build a frame around the wheelchair. He then proceeded to decorate it with lights and tinsel. "Ava loves lights, and that’s why we made the Cinderella carriage," Jaconelli told Storyful "she loves being the center of attention and she definitely got to be the center of attention with that one."

Ava's mother,  Kayleigh Porter also expressed their delight about her being able to go trick-or-treating with her friends as she had always wanted to. She also explained that her daughter was pleased with the decorated wheelchair and her reaction to seeing it brought tears to their eyes. 



Jaconelli posted a picture and video of Ava in her elaborate Halloween costume on his Facebook profile. It went viral overnight much to the parents' surprise. The video currently has over 1.9 million views and the post has been shared over 47,000 times. “We were so overwhelmed by all the comments and for it to go viral worldwide is amazing," Porter said to CTV News Channel. 

The video shows Ava, in a blue dress, sitting on her decorated wheelchair and looking around in awe, captivated by the twinkling lights and shiny tinsel. “The video is actually the first time Ava saw her costume,” her mother explained.



The Facebook comments on Jaconelli's post were filled with warmth, love and emotional messages to the parents. Facebook user Wendylou Hall commented: "Cried like a baby watching this!!! What a lovely family! Your daughter is beautiful!😩 xxxx"

Other users commended Jaconelli on his ingenuity and lauded the parents for their unconditional love and support. Roz Black commented: "A beautiful princess and what beautiful parents! Xx"

Thanks to Jaconelli's inventiveness, Ava was able to enjoy her Halloween like true little Princess.

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