Couple Met On Halloween, Got Engaged On Halloween And Now Had Their First Child This Halloween

Couple Met On Halloween, Got Engaged On Halloween And Now Had Their First Child This Halloween

It seems like Halloween is pretty lucky for this Texas couple and their story is absolutely heartwarming.

Halloween is a pretty special day for a lot of people. But it seems like this holiday is a little extra special for this Texas couple. Jessica Kessinger and Timothy Simon welcomed their beautiful daughter at St. David's Medical Center at 7.57 AM on October 31, 2019.

Kessinger and Simon actually met on Halloween way back in college. Later, they got engaged on another Halloween, and now, their firstborn child was born this Halloween. 



Their daughter's original due date was November 16 but she decided to come in a little early to make this day even more special for her parents. The couple also expressed their love for this holiday, saying that they always had a special connection with Halloween.

They make sure to throw parties and dress up because it means a lot to them and it "kind of symbolizes a shared hobby and love that we have." 



Recalling the day they met, Kessinger said that she was dressed up as Marie Antoinette and Simon pretended to be a member of the Blue Man group. When Simon popped the question to Kessinger, he was dressed as a giant lizard.

Talking to Fox9, Kessinger said, "I didn't believe it would happen. I thought that's too crazy. But it did. So when my water broke I just started laughing." Adding to this, Simon said that it was a stressful situation but it was also very 'comical' for them and it just made perfect sense. 



The couple further shared that around midnight on the eve of Halloween, Kessinger's water broke and at 7:57 a.m., their daughter Emory was born.

She said, "I had my hopes that it could happen and then all my friends were texting me where’s the Halloween baby...and I got to text them back and say oh she’s here."



Simon, while talking to WFAA, said, "It brought us together in some sense. It's just a really fun holiday and now we get to share it with our newest member, Emory."

The parents added that they will maintain the tradition and keep trying to make the holiday as special as they can. Kessinger said, "She's going to have a birthday party every year and maybe even a haunted house." 


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