Musicians Are Streaming Private Concerts For Their Fans Who Are Stuck At Home

Musicians Are Streaming Private Concerts For Their Fans Who Are Stuck At Home

Several musicians took to Instagram to perform concerts in support of people quarantined and isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected more than 219,000 people and killed over 8,990 people thus far. Schools, colleges, malls, concert halls and just about every place that sees crowds are shut to the public and despite the world being on lockdown, the human spirit is still sustaining itself well. Though we have seen panic and mass hysteria rise, the other end of the spectrum has also shown us that people are counting on others around them to live through the difficult times. We have seen examples of "Faith In Humanity Restored" moments already like Italians singing through their windows offering a sense of control for all self-isolated people. We have also read about doctors and nurses working day and night to treat the affected patients while research scientists are working tirelessly to find a cure. Meanwhile, a new trend has surfaced on social media in which world-famous musicians have started live streaming mini-concerts to make up for their tour dates getting canceled.


On March 17th, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin did a live stream of his performance on the band's official Instagram page. The post titled "#TogetherAtHome Chris played a mini gig at home earlier today on IG Live. @glblctzn @WHO @JohnLegend #TogetherAtHome." The singer started with "Hi, My name is Chris... I'm on my own, sort of." The bandmates and him are stuck in different countries, Martin said while continuing that he wanted to check in on how people were doing. The famous singer, aided by his piano, performed some mini renditions of his band's popular songs including Viva La Vida, Trouble, and Green Eyes among others as his fans continued to applaud his efforts. Fellow singer John Legend was also quick to comment, showing his appreciation for Martin's thoughtful act.



A day later, Legend himself took to Instagram with the #TogetherAtHome hashtag and did a live performance covering some of his hit songs as his wife Chrissy Teigen joined in mid-performance. In his post, he said: "Social distancing is important, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. I did a little at-home performance to help lift your spirits. @Miguel, @CharliePuth - you want next? Learn more about how you can take action to help slow the spread of coronavirus with our partners at @WHO and @GlblCtzn globalcitizen.org/coronavirus #TogetherAtHome"


Keith Urban was another famous singer to keep the live performance going as he took over what looked like a garage space to perform a few hits of his own.


Charlie Puth joined in on the hashtag too and performed a few of his hits like We Don't Talk Anymore and See You Again to show the world that even though everyone out there is quarantined or maintaining social distancing, we humans still have something to offer everyone out there. Neil Young was another singer who took to the trend in solidarity with the coronavirus victims in the world. "Because we are all at home and not many are venturing out, we will try to do a stream from my fireplace with my lovely wife filming," Young said on his website.



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