A Coronavirus-Themed Zombie Movie Is Coming Next Month & Here's All You Need To Know

A Coronavirus-Themed Zombie Movie Is Coming Next Month & Here's All You Need To Know

Full Moon Features has announced that a Coronavirus themed movie is in the works and will be based on the real-life coronavirus pandemic.

At present, our entire planet is grappling with their fear of the Coronavirus pandemic. This, however, is not stopping people from trying to make a quick buck in the midst of a full-blown crisis. While Hollywood is trying to control the damage as much as possible by delaying releases of their major blockbuster movies, someone has already started working on a zombie apocalypse movie based on the pandemic. As reported by Movieweb, Full Moon Features have announced their upcoming zombie apocalypse flick on Coronavirus, which is already in post-production phase. 



The same production house is also behind movies like Saturday Night Cleaver, The Wrath of Bong, Evil Bong 3D, Gingerbread Man 3 to name a few. The Coronavirus-themed movie is set to hit the on-demand video stores in three weeks. While the official synopsis of the movie does not make much sense, it does give people the idea that the filmmakers are kind of calling the government out for its delayed action in preventing the spread of Coronavirus. The official synopsis reads, "A government asleep at the wheel! The wealthy shrugging it off! And a virus that causes its victims to get up and kill! The people they kill… get up and kill!”


It seems pretty clear that the filmmakers are taking a dig at the United States' response to the coronavirus pandemic. Some people are blaming the Trump administration for not promptly announcing a plan while others think that the entire thing is fabricated. Making a movie about the ongoing pandemic is certainly distasteful, especially when it seems likely to get worse before getting better. Having said that, this production is definitely not for the cinematic excellence crowd. 


In the wake of this virus, all professional sport has been suspended for the season, Hollywood has stopped its work on the projects, schools and colleges have shut down, offices have mostly deployed working from home, and concerts are being either canceled or postponed. Apart from that, people are raiding supermarkets and hoarding up essentials, barricading themselves at home, and a lot of people are believing any rumors they hear about this pandemic. 



In such a difficult time, we all need some laughs and entertainment and Corona Zombies may just be the entertainment we all are looking for right now. The cover art for the movie features some zombies wearing breathing masks and holding toilet paper, which is the most coveted item in the world right now. In fact, there is a spoof available that shows Purell being transformed as PureHell in the Corona Zombie art. 



The movie will be available on Full Moon's digital entertainment platforms, which includes Amazon and the Full Moon Features channel and app, upon its release on April 10, 2020. Since the release is only a few weeks away, we can hope to see the first trailer sometime soon. 

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