People Are Now Getting 'Christmas Tree Hair' In Bizarre Beauty Trend This Holiday Season

People Are Now Getting 'Christmas Tree Hair' In Bizarre Beauty Trend This Holiday Season

It's time to grab that hairspray as the holiday season approaches. The Christmas Tree Hair Trend is back and from the looks of it, is better than ever.

We've witnessed some truly unique hairstyle trends that have surfaced over the years. From the Rastafarian dreadlocks to the unicorn hair fad to punk mohawks, hairstyles have come and gone and left a giant cult following behind each time. With Halloween and the holiday season just ahead of us, what kind of beauty trend do you think we're gonna see now?

The Christmas Tree Hair Trend ... Is Your Mind Blown Already? 





Yes, it's quite self-explanatory. Styling your hair to look like a Christmas tree is what's hot in town! You probably won't have a clear picture of this until you view a picture or video of someone flashing that style.



Daily Mail reported that the look sees people style their hair into an upside-down cone shape mimicking a Christmas tree, before decorating their strands with ornaments.




OK, but how does this 'do defy gravity? "A video by What's Trending said the style was achieved by placing an empty water bottle or cone on top of your head as a guide," reports Daily Mail. "The hair was then smoothed up over the top of the bottle or cone and held in place with a hair elastic and hair spray."





Many creative stylists and hair enthusiasts have styled these literal Christmas trees using only their strands and some baubles for decor. The hashtag "#christmastreehair" currently boasts 2,388 posts on Instagram, and as December rolls around, you can be sure that this number is only going to climb even higher. That wouldn't be surprising too, anyone with long hair would definitely want to try this out at least once. 



For some people, a tight, thick braid created atop the head and coiled upwards is enough; others claim water bottles, cardboard cones, and similar structures were key in getting that authentic tree height and shape, with hair then wrapped around the structure and secured. No two trees are crafted or adorned totally alike, but one thing is for sure: hairspray is a key player in keeping the styles in place. 





As for accessories... If your hair is strong enough to withhold ornaments, then go bananas, but if dangling glass balls above your head seems a bit daunting, some gorgeous garnish and tinsel will get the job done just as well.




If your balance is really impressive, we'd even recommend a star on top. Just make sure your head isn't weighed down by adding too much, you do want to be able to walk around and carry on with your regular day's activities don't cha!? 


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