This Couple Had Their Severed Heads As Wedding Cake And The Guests Were Horrified

This Couple Had Their Severed Heads As Wedding Cake And The Guests Were Horrified

The newlywed got married a few days before Halloween and made sure the theme of their wedding resonated the spooky season.

See we all know that weddings are supposed to be the best days of our lives, but they can also become very stressful and turn calmest people into screaming monsters. A lot of things come into consideration. What to wear, how would the bridesmaids' dresses look, how many invitations to send out, what music to play, what kind of cake to order, so on and so forth. The list is exhaustive, but there are times you just know some people are made for each other. Take this couple for instance. They got married just days before Halloween and made sure the spooky theme of the month would resonate in their wedding too.


This couple didn't have to worry about selecting what kind of cake to order for the wedding, as they had already agreed upon the gruesome severed head wedding cake that will grab all the attention during the wedding reception. In 2013, Dave and Natalie quickly went viral after introducing their guest to this shocking wedding cake alongside the traditional vows ‘Till Death do Us Part’. The bloody creation featured the severed heads of the bride and the groom themselves which only amped up the shock factor for the guests. 


Their cold, dead eyes staring blankly in front of them is sure to make you feel weird at the least. What made this cake even more special is the fact that the couple themselves baked the cake as they own a business of designer cakes! Even though the couple got married in 2013, their cake-image recently got reshared on the Facebook group 'That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming' and people were quick to reveal that it was horrifying. One person wrote, "thanks I HATE it", emphasizing the hate to point out just how much he disliked it. Another person just described it to be 'cringey', while a third joked about it, saying, "nothing says love like severed heads…’


Dave and Natalie own Texas-based Sideserf Cake Studio. The couple also hosts Food Network’s Texas Cake House and revealed their creation last Halloween, saying, "Our severed head wedding CAKE! We (Dave and Natalie) were married just days before Halloween back in 2013. Happy anniversary and happy Halloween!" The picture quickly went viral and people still described the cake as gruesome or terrifying, but this time, in a good way. 


Apart from severed head cakes, the couple also specializes in other gore creations that include iconic television and movie-figures like Rick and Morty, Wolverine, and Naruto. Natalie went viral about six years ago when she created a life-like sculpture of the country music legend, Willie Nelson. Since then, she has become popular in the baking scene, even more so after their creation was showcased on American Idol. While this cake-baking couple does have a taste for the gore, they can also bake incredibly real-looking fruit and vegetable cakes that will leave you confused. Check out their Instagram page here.  












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